crowd in English

a large number of people gathered together, typically in a disorganized or unruly way.
a huge crowd gathered in the street outside
(of a number of people) fill (a space) almost completely, leaving little or no room for movement.
the dance floor was crowded with revelers
move too close to (someone).
don't crowd her, she needs air

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1. Crowd synonyms, Crowd pronunciation, Crowd translation, English dictionary definition of Crowd

2. Crowd puller is a Crowd puller game

3. It's a soft crowd, Julian, a soft crowd.

4. CA: It's a soft crowd, Julian, a soft crowd.

5. Crowd-puller (crowd-pullers plural ), Crowd puller If you describe a performer or event as a crowd-puller, you mean that they attract a large audience

6. # crowd Cheering # basketball # fan # cheer # fans # Cheering # happy # Cheering # crowd # crowd Cheering # excited # win # cheer # crowd # rally # excited # yeah # episode 8 # cheer # season 15 # soccer # celebration # fans # Cheering # crowd # abc # applause # Cheering # crowd goes wild # mickey90 # good job # well done # standing ovation

7. Crowd Levels: Crowd levels are on a scale from 1-10

8. Crowd (n.) 1560s, "large group of persons, multitude," from Crowd (v.)

9. Growing, a mighty crowd,

10. An expectant crowd gathered.

11. The crowd laughed Appreciatively.

12. The crowd is gathering.

13. The crowd howled, delirious.

14. The discontented crowd rioted.

15. The crowd grew restive.

16. The crowd is roaring.

17. The crowd scattered gradually.

18. A crowd surrounded him.

19. The crowd were squandered.

20. Crowd puller crówd pùller, crowd-puller [명] 《 C 》 사람을 끌어모으는 공연자[행사] • The exhibition has been a big Crowd puller

21. Shahrukh Khan - The Crowd puller

22. The Crowd were enormously enthusiastic.

23. The crowd roared its approval.

24. He cut through the crowd.

25. He thrust through the crowd.

26. He threaded through the crowd.

27. The crowd howled its displeasure.

28. The crowd murmured in appreciation.

29. We joined the merry crowd.

30. He's a real crowd pleaser.

31. Vindication and the “Great Crowd

32. ... paying attention to crowd- sourcing.

33. The police dispersed the crowd.

34. The crowd scattered in fright.

35. police trained in crowd dispersal.

36. Although the home crowd Bayed …

37. The crowd cheered in appreciation.

38. A great crowd had gathered.

39. The crowd began throwing stones.

40. The Pope blessed the crowd.

41. The crowd was demonstrating tumultuously.

42. The crowd just faded away.

43. His speech thrilled the crowd.

44. He hyperspaced in a crowd.

45. The police parted the crowd.

46. The silenced crowd waited expectantly.

47. The crowd fell strangely silent.

48. 18 The crowd chanted slogans.

49. Crowd, throng, horde, crush, mob mean an assembled multitude. Crowd implies a close gathering and pressing together

50. A Crowd administrator can grant administration rights to other users, as described in the Crowd Administration Guide.