extenuating in English

make (guilt or an offense) seem less serious or more forgivable.
there were extenuating circumstances that caused me to say the things I did
make (someone) thin.
drawings of extenuated figures

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "extenuating" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "extenuating", or refer to the context using the word "extenuating" in the English Dictionary.

1. We've had some extenuating circumstances.

2. The disciplinary board listens to extenuating circumstances.

3. I do not plead any extenuating act.

4. The means extenuating fluoride damage were presented.

5. What extenuating circumstances were cited by David?

6. I mean, there was, like, 800 extenuating circumstances.

7. Goodstein suggested that this eased by talking about extenuating circumstances.

8. In that it causes him to consider extenuating circumstances.

9. He stole the money, but there are extenuating circumstances.

10. His sentence was reduced because of the extenuating circumstances.

11. I admit to running the red light, but there were extenuating circumstances.

12. Because of extenuating circumstances, the court acquitted him of the crime.

13. If extenuating or unusual circumstances are involved, some further help may be warranted.

14. The young man was terribly rude to his friend, but there were extenuating circumstances.

15. The wisdom from God is yielding when there are extenuating circumstances.

16. He did misappropriate the public funds, but there were extenuating circumstances.

17. There were extenuating circumstances and the defendant did not receive a prison sentence.

18. Barring extenuating circumstances, do you agree this route requires no detours?

19. A terrifying warning was occasionally administered in cases where extenuating circumstances existed.

20. Motives and extenuating circumstances should be taken into consideration.—James 2:13.

21. There may be extenuating circumstances: Perhaps the child is overly tired or does not feel well.

22. In extenuating the Brahmins, there is a danger of erring in the opposite direction from Parrington.

23. Unless there are extenuating circumstances , all students must be present on the day of the exam .

24. □ Though God may take extenuating circumstances into consideration if we sin, what should we not do?

25. He knows of extenuating circumstances, our whole life course, our motives and intentions.

26. Though God may take extenuating circumstances into consideration, what should we not do?

27. Some extenuating circumstances related by you now might throw a slightly different light on all this.

28. The restraint an individual outside such extenuating circumstances, or the use of excessive force, is unjustifiable.

29. The defendants decide to admit their guilt, but insist that there are extenuating circumstances.

30. If there are extenuating circumstances, you should make prior arrangements with your recitation instructor.

31. It was possible for her to hear in the first place what the extenuating circumstances were.

32. A parent's note indicating extenuating circumstances for an incomplete assignment may allow for extension of time.

33. The court grants the motion to excuse juror number eight from service due to extenuating personal circumstances.

34. Hunger and poverty, the main reasons for their poaching, are not treated by the courts as extenuating circumstances.

35. Clearly, then, extenuating factors such as the attraction of video stores and the ability to browse are sometimes overlooked.

36. Cases of illness and other extenuating circumstances that may have affected a student's performance will be dealt with by a personal tutor.

37. " These matters in your affidavit , so far from extenuating your offence , appear to the court to be an aggravation of it .

38. An Aggravating circumstance is a kind of attendant circumstance and the opposite of an extenuating or mitigating circumstance, which decreases guilt

39. 25 Cases of illness and other extenuating circumstances that may have affected a student's performance will be dealt with by a personal tutor.

40. A situation or condition that provides an excuse for an action, as in Although Nancy missed three crucial rehearsals, there were extenuating Circumstances, so she was not dismissed

41. Although there are alleviating provisions in the Act to enable charities to accumulate funds for special purposes or to provide relief from extenuating circumstances, they may not apply in these circumstances.

42. Under extenuating circumstances when receipts have been lost, accidentally destroyed and copies are unobtainable, members may submit a personal declaration which will state the events, the reasons and the costs.

43. 1910, Saki, ‘Cross Currents’, Reginald in Russia: Vanessa Pennington had a husband who was poor, with few extenuating circumstances, and an admirer who, though comfortably rich, was Cumbered with a sense of honour

44. While all these words mean "matter offered in explanation or defense," Apology usually applies to an expression of regret for a mistake or wrong with implied admission of guilt or fault and with or without reference to mitigating or extenuating circumstances.