encryption|encryptions in English


[en'cryp·tion || -ʃn]

coding, ciphering; conversion of data into cipher (Computers)

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1. Data encryption algorithm ...

2. We need a backdoor into your new platform, and a way past the encryptions.

3. FileBarricader 2007 is primarily a file encryption utility.FileBarricader 2007 Features: - Includes only the best encryption algorithm: Rijndael (AES); - Includes only the best encryption strength

4. –Site-to-site encryption and protection against unwanted accesses enforced by firewall/encryption devices.

5. Activating communications encryption protocol.

6. Antistrophal Thwarting fraud through encryption

7. multiple encryption keys per address

8. The algorithm selection shows RSA suits public key encryption and AES is good for voice encryption.

9. So the goal of encryption technology was to automate the one time pad using an encryption machine.

10. Clevis and Tang encryption are generic client and server components that provide network bound disk encryption

11. Secure with tech two encryption.

12. The best alternative to remailers is encryption—the more bits in the encryption keys, the better—and slower.

13. Enterprises Need Encryption to Secure Private Data

14. Using encryption takes a bit of forethought.

15. They' re using an SSL# encryption

16. Create Asymmetric signing and encryption key pairs

17. We'll need to crack its considerable encryption.

18. We use data encryption and secure servers.

19. In short, the tech companies have democratized encryption.

20. The direct file encryption system is realized based on OPENSSL including three major modules: user interface module, interface module, base encryption module.

21. The narrator is a "Calcutec", a human data processor/encryption system who has been trained to use his subconscious as an encryption key.

22. Otherwise, Adoptable storage uses full-disk encryption (FDE)

23. Gottfrid is good at tech stuff and encryption

24. We just got the encryption off this one.

25. The company computers are protected by biometric encryption.