dirt breeds disease|dirt breed disease in English

messiness and bad hygiene lead to poor health

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1. Dirt and disease go hand in hand.

2. 27 Dirt and disease go hand in hand.

3. People used to believe that dirt spontaneously generated disease.

4. Dirt and disease are adverse to the best growth of children.

5. Filth breeds disease and vermin.

6. Flies in food shops breed disease.

7. Burial dirt.

8. Without it, ‘dirt accumulates, germs breed, and flies spread diarrheal disease, which, when linked with malnutrition, is the single most common source of sickness and death among children of the developing world,’ says UNICEF.

9. I say, if you want to make something dirt cheap, make it out of dirt -- ( Laughter ) preferably dirt that's locally sourced.

10. Dirt fouled the carburetor.

11. It was dirt cheap.

12. Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass book

13. Without Cuticles, bacteria, dirt, and

14. Poverty breeds instability, disease, and devastation of common resources and the environment.

15. Okay, you want the dirt?

16. I scraped the dirt off.

17. She swept the dirt out.

18. He hated untidiness and dirt.

19. Dirt infected an open cut.

20. This car is dirt cheap.

21. Fruit is dirt cheap here.

22. I got it dirt cheap.

23. It doesn't suck up the dirt.

24. His clothes were covered with dirt.

25. We must filter out the dirt.