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ravine, gorge

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1. Almire/Coulee Hartline (5-3) 10

2. Head'em down the coulee!

3. Bobcat of the Coulee Region, Inc

4. Coulee Region Cremation Group is proud to offer the coulee region transparent pricing, and a beautiful state of the art facility for Cremation, funeral, life celebration and memorial services.

5. The Lower Grand Coulee contains Park, Blue, Alkali, Lenore, and Soap lakes.

6. 2021 ; High Desert Stampede : REDMOND, OR : MARCH 25 - 27, 2021 : Colorama : GRAND COULEE, WA : MAY 7-8, 2021 : Bares & Broncs

7. During this era, Grand Coulee Dam's main mission was to produce electricity for the Hanford Reservation and for aluminum manufacturing, vital to military aircraft production.

8. The feeder canal from Banks Lake has a capacity of 26,000 cubic feet per second, Dry Falls Dam and the Main Canal headworks are near Coulee City.

9. Arroyo, also called Wadi, Wash, Dry Wash, or Coulee, Arabic Wādī, French Oued, a dry channel lying in a semiarid or desert area and subject to flash flooding during seasonal or irregular rainstorms.

10. The Channeled Scablands at one time were a relatively barren and soil-free region of interconnected relict and dry flood channels, coulees and cataracts eroded into Palouse loess and the typically flat-lying basalt flows that remain after cataclysmic floods within the southeastern part of the U.S

11. Crescent Bar is an ideal home base for catching a concert at the nearby Gorge Amphitheatre, enjoying wine tasting at the award-winning area wineries, or a day of hiking, biking, or rock climbing in the stunning Ancient Lakes and Frenchman Coulee recreation areas