chronographs in English

an instrument for recording time with great accuracy.
Sometimes they were called chronographs but, since this implied a written record of the time, the term was not correct.

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2. There are also chronographs that have the Chronometer certification, making them the most accurate Chronographs ever

3. Helmut Sinn’s eponymous watch brand got its start building aviation Chronographs and servicing Heuer Chronographs for the German Air Force

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5. Chronographs for ammunition reloading and testing

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7. What Are Mono-Pusher Chronographs? One of the most different types of Chronographs is the mono-pusher, or single push, chronograph

8. Some Chronographs will do the figuring for you

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10. (Some Chronographs use three sensors, but two is more common)

11. Most Chronographs feature the small seconds subdial at the nine o'clock position

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16. MagnetoSpeed's barrel-mounted ballistic Chronographs use patented electromagnetic sensors to precisely determine bullet muzzle velocity

17. Our Chronographs are equipped with as many as four sub-dials (also referred to as complications)

18. Horological and chronometric instruments, watches, alarm clocks, pendulums, bracelets for watches, chronographs (watches), watch cases or boxes

19. Chronographs measure the velocity of the BB as it exits the muzzle of an airsoft gun

20. The end result is the ability to provide much better accuracy than other Chronographs on the market (+/- .25%)

21. ‎The Ballistic Chronograph app is for use with the Caldwell line of Ballistic Chronographs supporting a 3.5mm line-out serial port

22. Most electronic quartz watches, on the other hand, include time-related features such as timers, chronographs and alarm functions.

23. The largest difference between a Chronograph and a conventional three-hand watch is that Chronographs generally lack a central second hand

24. Simple Complications include that of chronographs, alarms and calendars where a more intricate Complication, often called a grand Complication can include perpetual calendars, tour …

25. Magnetospeed Chronographs can work with both lead and steel projectiles, though the sensitivity may need to be adjust for lead-only rounds

26. Between 1964 and 1969, exports of Chronographs to the European market soared from 52,000 units to more than 173,000 units, but to no avail, the …

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29. All of our Chronographs use our MVII Skyscreen System (and optional IR system) and detection circuitry, so far as bullet detection goes they are equally accurate

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31. Proven to withstand the harsh environment at the muzzle of firearms, MagnetoSpeed Chronographs are compact, easy to transport, and easy to use on the firing line or in the field

32. Four new Carrera Chronographs available in opaline black or sunray brushed blue, anthracite and silver dials and characterized by an elegant look directly inspired to the style of the very first Carrera models

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35. Chronographs are frequently confused with, or regarded as being the same as, chronometers, but on further consideration that falls short of the mark, because the latter term is primarily used to describe extremely accurate watches; a chronograph can do that too but the name on its own does not reveal anything about it.

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37. Every man should possess a chronograph watch.These stylish multifunction watches are equipped with a start and stop function and can display time measurement on three additional dials the so-called Chronographs! Swiss Military by Chrono offers a wide collection of classic, sporty and casual military chronograph watches.Military sports watches of characteristic army watch design are the main

38. Chronometers, chronographs, clocks, watches, wristwatches, wall clocks, alarm clocks and parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods, namely hands, anchors, pendulums, barrels, watch casings, watch straps, watch dials, clockworks, watch chains, movements for clocks and watches, watch springs, watch crystals, presentation cases for watches, cases for clocks and watches, cases for horological and chronometric instruments

39. " The collection is composed of five different designs: 40 mm automatic watches and 42 mm Chronographs, a 42 mm Manufacture Worldtime Geosphere, a slender 40 mm wristwatch with a 13-line monopusher chronograph movement, and a new multiple-purpose pocket watch with a 24-hour indication and equipped with a 16-line monopusher chronograph movement.

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41. The 1969 launch of Caliber 6139 was, of course, an important milestone in Seiko’s history because it was one of the world’s first automatic Chronographs but its real significance lay in the fact that it incorporated both a column wheel and a vertical clutch, devices that allowed Caliber 6139 to deliver a real improvement in the precision with which elapsed time could be measured in a watch.

42. Measuring, signalling and checking (supervision) apparatus and instruments, aerometers, alarm devices, analysers, not for medical purposes, indicators (electric), chemical apparatus and instruments, chronographs (time recording devices), detectors, diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes, dosing equipment, pressure measuring apparatus, pressure indicators, photovoltaic cells, gas testing instruments, gasometers, hydrometers, hygrometers (moisture measuring apparatus), checking (supervision) apparatus (electric), air analysis apparatus, diaphragms for scientific apparatus, measuring apparatus, measuring apparatus (electric), measuring instruments, precision measuring apparatus, smoke detectors, sprinkler installations (fire protection), temperature indicators, thermometers, not for medical purposes, surveying chains, timer switches, not for clock mechanisms