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an instrument for measuring time, especially one designed to keep accurate time in spite of motion or variations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Chronometers were first developed for marine navigation, being used in conjunction with astronomical observation to determine longitude.
The process of mapping itself, now much more accurate thanks to Britain's invention of the chronometer for measuring longitude, allowed the British to perceive the globe as an integrated whole.

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4. Chronometer is a lightweight Windows application built specifically for helping you place a small Chronometer on your screen

5. Original Hamilton Model 21 Marine Chronometer 1941

6. It's a clockwork chronometer, of my invention.

7. Chronometer has a normal watch look with the signature “Chronometer” on its dial for easy identification

8. Astrotech lc-2 Chronometer 12v/28v dc lamps

9. Davtron 850-28v grey faceplate 24 hour Chronometer

10. Chronometer: a device to measure time.

11. Omega exclusively uses Chronometer-certified movements in their Constellation watches

12. WWII US Navy Hamilton Chronometer 1943 marked Bureau of …

13. James is conversant with chronometer and geography.

14. In Android, Chronometer is a class that implements a simple timer.

15. It is use in navigation, chronometer, and weather and so on.

16. A sextant, an accurate chronometer and a celestial almanac.

17. Murchison followed with his eye the hand of his chronometer.

18. Chronometer might sound like a mouthful, but it's just a fancy word for "really, really precise watch." The word Chronometer goes back to the …

19. A century later, Glashütte Original introduced the first Senator Chronometer in 2009

20. Hope the friends of chronometer and geological can calculate and determine it once again.

21. What is a Chronometer? If a watch is referred to as a Chronometer, it has passed intense precision tests over a 15-day period and has obtained an official rate certificate from the COSC, which is the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.These tests measure the movement of the watch towards a set of accuracy

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23. Thacker had considered this problem at great length when testing his chronometer.

24. The chronometer - maker's expert hand plays an essential role in this process.

25. A chronometer is hidden within all words, and in each length of nucleic acid.

26. Chronometer, portable timekeeping device of great accuracy, particularly one used for determining longitude at sea

27. Omega Planet Ocean Orange Ceramic Bezel 600m Co-Axial Master Chronometer 43.5mm

28. In I 779 he created a sensation with a pocket chronometer, called No.

29. Chronometer definition is - timepiece; especially : one designed to keep time with great accuracy despite external forces

30. Technical advances included electrolysis, the ship's chronometer, chemical processing, tool - making machines , and the water frame.

31. Learn Chronometer, its methods and attributes with step by step explanation using example in Android Studio

32. 4 synonyms of Chronometer from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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34. There are also chronographs that have the Chronometer certification, making them the most accurate Chronographs ever

35. Chromatometry translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'chromosome',chromatic',chronometer',chromium', examples, definition, conjugation

36. The maritime chronometer took Britain to pre-eminence in safe navigation and helped secure the empire.

37. In 19 large space telescope such as Hubble telescope on the history of chronometer.

38. Ancient chronometer glossary is a weak part in the study of ancient Chinese glossary.

39. The marine chronometer —a reliable, seaworthy clock— gave them the ability to determine longitude, their east or west position.

40. The more familiar mechanical musical chronometer was invented by Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel in Amsterdam in 1814.

41. Harrison, the son of a carpenter and a mechanic himself, became interested in constructing an accurate Chronometer in 1728

42. John Harrison, English horologist who invented the first practical marine Chronometer, which enabled navigators to compute accurately their longitude at sea

43. Engine speed shall be measured preferably with an automatically synchronized revolution counter and chronometer (or counter-timer).

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45. The ship's chronometer, the screw propeller, the locomotive, bicycle, automobile, and airplane were all invented in the West.

46. Seamaster 300 master Chronometer First created in 1957, the Seamaster 300 represents one of most famous watches in underwater history

47. A glimmer of gold shone out from between the fingers, and on opening them up, there was the Admiral's chronometer

48. Omega Antimagnetic De Ville Tourbillon Numbered edition is a breakthrough for Omega, which combines [+] a master chronometer certification with a …

49. The watch models were equipped with 22-line pallet bridge movements of Durowe and they were adjusted through a chronometer with high accuracy.

50. Baddeleyite is a sensitive shock barometer and chronometer over low pressure ranges that can augment ongoing studies into the intensity of Solar System bombardment