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a threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes.
Ring chromosomes , chromatid exchanges and polyploidies were also observed at some treatments.

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1. Chromosome; Gene is located on the Chromosome

2. Antonyms for Autosome include sex chromosome, heterochromosome, idiochromosome, sex chromatid, sex chromatin, X chromosome and Y chromosome

3. A Chromosome deletion is a form of Chromosome mutation

4. Chromosome breakage is the physical breakage of subunits of a Chromosome

5. Phage chromosome is inserted into the continuity of the bacterial chromosome.

6. Autosome definition: any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome; appear in pairs in body cells but as single chromosomes in spermatozoa synonyms: somatic chromosome, chromosome

7. Autosome a chromosome other than a sex chromosome Source: Jenkins, John B

8. Structural chromosome aberrations may be of two types, chromosome or chromatid

9. An Autosome is defined as any chromosome that isn’t a sex chromosome

10. Overview of Chromosome Abnormalities

11. • Autosomes An autosome is defined as any chromosome that isn’t a sex chromosome

12. Chromosome structure and numbers

13. Females have two X Chromosomes; males have an X Chromosome and a Y Chromosome

14. Each Chromosome has a constriction point called the centromere, which divides the Chromosome into two sections, or “arms.” The short arm of the Chromosome is labeled the “p arm.” The long arm of the Chromosome is labeled the “q arm.” The location of the centromere on each Chromosome gives the Chromosome its characteristic shape, and

15. Browse 4,992 Chromosome stock photos and images available, or search for x Chromosome or Chromosome icon to find more great stock photos and pictures

16. Every cell contains two chromosome 9s, and two versions of location 7230 along chromosome

17. Trisomy 21 affects chromosome 21.

18. Types of Chromosome Abnormalities

19. Autosome definition: any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

20. Chromosome mutations are due to changes in the structure of a Chromosome, as opposed to gene mutations, which are changes within the chemical makeup of a Chromosome

21. Chromosome definition: A Chromosome is a part of a cell in an animal or plant

22. Chromosome 1 is highly susceptible

23. Key words: wheat, allopolyploidy, genome evolution, chromosome- or genome-specific sequences, sequence elimination, homoeologous chromosome differentiation.

24. Chromosome 16 contains thousands of genes

25. If a Y-chromosome combines with an X-chromosome during fertilization, a male baby will result.

26. Chromosome structure and numbers review

27. Autosome Definition An Autosome is a chromosome in a eukaryotic cell that is not a sex chromosome

28. Although males have an X Chromosome, it behaves very differently when there is another X Chromosome present compared to its behavior when a Y Chromosome is present

29. Structural chromosome Abnormalities occur when part of a chromosome is missing, a part of a chromosome is extra, or a part has switched places with another part.

30. Glycine spp., allopolyploidy, chromosome pairing, genome.

31. In addition to chromosome missegregation, chromosome fusions at (peri)Centromeres are prevalent in cancers, but how such rearrangements …

32. The Chromosome image below is the online version of Chromosome 1 depicted on the Human Genome Landmarks poster

33. Structural chromosome Abnormalities occur when there is a change in the structure or parts of a chromosome

34. The term Chromosome comes from the …

35. 1 synonym for Autosome: somatic chromosome

36. Cytogenetics is also called chromosome studies

37. In mitosis, each chromosome consists of two Chromatids; after separating into the daughter nuclei, each chromatid becomes an independent chromosome

38. Chromosome-type aberration: structural chromosome damage expressed as breakage, or breakage and reunion, of both chromatids at an identical site

39. Oct-11a is located in a region of mouse chromosome 9 homologous with the long arm of human chromosome

40. The X Chromosome contains more than 1,000 working genes, and the Y Chromosome has less than 100 working genes

41. Centromere, structure in a chromosome that holds together the two Chromatids (the daughter strands of a replicated chromosome)

42. A single Chromosome comprises of many genes

43. It is carried on the X chromosome.

44. And in the other case, the sperm is carrying an X chromosome, meeting the X chromosome of the egg.

45. Chromosome Abnormalities can be numerical or structural

46. Autosome: 1 n any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome; appear in pairs in body cells but as single chromosomes in spermatozoa Synonyms: somatic chromosome Type of: chromosome a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order

47. An Autosome is a non-sex chromosome


49. 1 This presents a sex chromosome problem.

50. A Common Allele Chromosome 9 Associated with Disease.