cabalist|cabalists in English


student or devotee of the Jewish cabala (mystical interpretation of the Scriptures developed by rabbis, most popular in the 12th and 13th centuries)

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1. Evil cabalists? — who are chasing them.

2. How, then, should we view the Cabalist tikkun prayer of correction?

3. Sublunary cabalist nonprelatic fair-skinned bersagliere Bedecorate EDF excel bradypnea Welwitschia overiodizing phasemeter isoxylene

4. Synonyms for Conspirator include intriguer, plotter, schemer, traitor, cabalist, conspirer, collaborator, colluder, conniver and accomplice

5. Synonyms for Conspirators include intriguers, plotters, schemers, traitors, cabalists, conspirers, collaborators, colluders, connivers and accomplices

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7. The Cabalistic schema is native to the human psyche, and Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopediawill be an invaluable reference tool for all Cabalists, magicians, scholars and scientists of …

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9. Using a system of numerology called gematria, Jewish Cabalists assigned a numerical value to each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and thereby claim to have found hidden meanings in the Hebrew Scriptures.

10. Britons are the quintessential jacks-of-all-trades, capable of serving the fighting forces of Albion in any capacity, be it the healing arts of the Cleric, the arcane science of the Cabalist, the raw fury of the Armsman, or the mysterious rituals of the Necromancer