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1. Antipodic boundary conditions (ABC), and linear displacement boundary conditions on both types

2. Ethiopia has accepted the Boundary Commission’s delimitation decision without condition.

3. D1 and D2 are arbitrary constants determined by boundary conditions.

4. Fluid pressure , flux, leaky and impermeable boundary conditions may be prescribed.

5. Boundary (graph theory), the vertices of edges between a subgraph and the rest of a graph Boundary (chain complex), its abstractization in chain complexes Boundary value problem, a differential equation together with a set of additional restraints called the Boundary conditions

6. When the boundary conditions, the non objective business Acidly plan world

7. General boundary conditions are taken into account by a computer-oriented algorithm.

8. The Binodal curve is the boundary between the 2-phase condition and the single-phase condition

9. For non-self-adjoint boundary-value- and eigenvalue-problems of ordinary differential equations variational principles are presented that include the boundary conditions as well.

10. A client's current Boundary group is a network location that's defined as a Boundary assigned to a specific Boundary group

11. Administrative Boundary (AdministrativeBoundary)

12. Sentence Boundary Detector

13. The mountain range that forms the country's northern Boundary Other Words from Boundary Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about Boundary …

14. The Boundary conditions given in a linear perturbation step will not affect subsequent steps.

15. The boundary conditions were: Two isothermal walls at different temperatures, two horizontal adiabatic walls.

16. An absorbing boundary condition ( ABC ) for both traveling and evanescent waves within waveguides is presented.

17. The numerical solution of acoustic scattering problem with two-dimension penetrable boundary condition was discussed.

18. BoundAry, anniversAry), adjectives (e.g

19. Upper boundary 46.2 Ma.

20. The convection and radiation as boundary conditions as well as latent heat were also considered.

21. • Buckling modes and shapes depend on plate geometry and the boundary condition (supports) of the plate

22. Boundary groups and relationships

23. Boundary acoustic wave filter

24. Boundary commission for England.

25. 2 People move boundary markers;+