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1. 1 Planetary Commendations 2 Player versus Player Commendations 3 End Game Commendations 4 Special Commendations As of 2.0 (Rise Of The Hutt Cartel), these Commendations are no longer used

2. Commendations & Commencements

3. There'll be no medals, no commendations, no promotions.

4. I just figured the guy's walls would be covered with plaques and commendations.

5. A Commendation for bravery There were 16 prize winners and 18 Commendations

6. Synonyms for Acclaims include applauses, praises, approvals, kudos, ovations, tributes, acclamations, accolades, approbations and commendations

7. They have been converted into Planetary Commendations, They still have the …

8. He received many commendations, awards and medals during his military career.

9. Name: Sovereign Barding (Hat Only) Method: Achievement Reward for obtaining 300 player commendations

10. Synonyms for Approbations include approvals, acceptances, assents, encouragements, favours, acclaims, applauses, commendations, endorsements and praises

11. Commendations are a form of currency used for purchasing various equipment at the Commendation Vendors

12. Commendations are the Sea of Thieves achievement system, and are awarded after certain requirements are fulfilled

13. The Bluest Eye earned four commendations, the first national awards for a Department of Theatre and Dance production

14. The Adulation McFarland received in church circles proved equally as dazzling as commendations garnered in the corporate world

15. Pickett led his brigade ably in the battles of Williamsburg and Seven Pines, earning commendations from his superiors.

16. Commendations categories are part of the duty officer system and reward progress for increased Commendation experience points (CXP) in a variety of different areas

17. His Attires have received numerous commendations since switching to long tights except for the blue and red tights, which look awful on TV

18. The list of Commendations for each faction can be viewed within your reputation page (after opening the page, select which faction to view its list).

19. Commendations are a reward for participating in the Invasion of Falador.They can be received in various ways: Killing White and Black Knights (5–12); Killing the White and Black Knight champions (150–328); Healing Soldiers for Herblore or Constitution experience; Sabotaging catapults for Woodcutting or Construction experience (200–250); Popping black and white Party balloons dropped by