Use "alkali" in a sentence

1. The alkali salts are preferably alkali formate and alkali acetate.

2. X= alkali earth or alkali metal

3. X = alkali earth or alkali metal

4. Or “alkali.”

5. Alkali metals

6. Free alkali

7. Alkali soluble matter

8. Alkali resistant refractories

9. (j) Alkali resistance

10. Test for alkali

11. (a) Contains alkali

12. Acid/alkali reserve:

13. (a) Alkali sulphides

14. 2-14A tests for evaluating the potential alkali-aggregate reactivity of classical alkali-silica, late expansive siliceous and alkali-carbonate aggregates is discussed.

15. Alkali metals, compounds of alkali metals, lithium, lithium compounds, including lithium carbonate


17. Non-alkali glass substrate

18. Key words: alkali-aggregate reaction, alkali-silica reaction, alkali-carbonate reaction, petrography, testing of concrete aggregates, performance of concrete, survey, remedial measures.

19. 3(j) Alkali resistance

20. (ii) Alkali extracted annatto

21. Magnesium and alkali salts

22. — decomposition of alkali- and earth alkali carbonates during melting of the raw material,

23. decomposition of alkali- and earth alkali carbonates during melting of the raw material

24. Key Terms: Alkali, Alkali Metals, Alkaline, Alkaline Earth Metals, Periodic Table, pH, Valence Electrons

25. Plagioclase, plagioclase+quartz, plagioclase+quartz+alkali-feldspar for the Dipotama granite, quartz, quartz+alkali-feldspar, quartz+alkali-feldspar+plagioclase for the Paranesti granite.

26. Alkali olivine basalt-tephrite-phonolite; 1. b. Alkali olivine basalt-trachybasalt-trachyte; 2.

27. • acid/alkali reserve considered

28. Alkali soluble latex thickeners

29. Ammonia [volatile alkali] detergent

30. A new alkali - free amino sulfonic acid - based superplasticizer was prepared using different alkali lye.

31. • Aboriginal Communities Home > British Columbia > ALKALI LAKE 1 ALKALI LAKE 1 Reserve:

32. commercial alkali metal silicates

33. = 2 (for alkali metals)

34. A caustic alkali is a metal hydroxide, especially that of an alkali Explanation of Caustically

35. High-strength alkali-aluminosilicate glass

36. Alkali or alkaline-earth metals

37. Alkali earth oxide (Method B)

38. A new alkali soluble resin

39. Silicates; commercial alkali metal silicates

40. Alkali dust choking your body.

41. Method for removing active residual alkali from lime mud after alkali recovery and caustic wash

42. Alkali-activated binder, alkali-activated mortar, concrete products and wet red clay paving material using binder

43. The mineralizing agent is preferably a water-soluble alkali metal borate or alkali metal silicate.

44. Hydrophobic alkali soluble emulsion thickener

45. Acid Reserve and Alkali Reserve:

46. The buffer compartment solution may include a soluble alkali salt and an alkali alcoholate in alcohol.

47. The alkali-soluble material can be used to form an alkali-soluble three-dimensional object (26).

48. Triorgano(amino)borates: activation of alkali metal amides, converting alkali metal amides into hydrocarbon-soluble reagents

49. Alkali metals and alkaline earths

50. alkali salts, alkali earth salts and other salts of thiocyanic acid not mentioned elsewhere in this Annex

51. As absorbing medium either alkali (e.g.

52. The other concern is that certain Cherts undergo an alkali-silica reaction with high-alkali cements.

53. Alkali alkoxides of exactly specified concentration (0,01%) can be prepared with V2A-steel contact and in very pure alcohol from alkali amalgams of known alkali metal concentration.

54. Alkali, any of the soluble hydroxides of the Alkali metals—i.e., lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, and cesium

55. Plastic-bonded pyrotechnical mixture for producing alkali metal chloride or earth alkali metal chloride aerosols as smokescreen

56. An emulsifier blend includes at lease one alkali metal sulfonate and at least one alkali metal alkyl salicylate.

57. Ammonia [volatile alkali] for industrial purposes

58. Alkali-activated binding material having no cement and comprising a complex alkali activator, and mortar or concrete using same

59. Alkali water generators for household purpose

60. alkali salts and alkali earth salts of thiocyanic acid, with the exception of those specified elsewhere in this Annex

61. Novel alkali protease formed by bacillus gibsonii (dsm 14393) and washing and cleaning agents containing said novel alkali protease

62. Determination of acid reserve or alkali reserve

63. Whereas most of the complex consists of salic rocks (syenites, nepheline syenites and alkali granites) a spectrum of intermediate rock types (monzonites, monzodiorites and alkali diorites) grades to alkali gabbros.

64. 3 Alkali substances can cause liquefaction necrosis

65. Accessory member for dispensers of alkali metals


67. The adhesive can be formed by combining a vinyl acetate polymer, an alkali swellable thickener, an alkali material, and water.

68. A blended filler composition may include a treated alkali earth metal carbonate and an untreated alkali earth metal carbonate.


70. Positive test for alkali and for magnesium

71. Positive test for magnesium and for alkali

72. Positive test for alkali and for calcium

73. Separating alkali metals from gasified black liquor

74. Acid and alkali solutions reduced the sensitivity.

75. The science of alkali Citrate & Moonstone

76. Positive tests for alkali and for calcium

77. Method of preparing anhydrous alkali metal sulfides

78. Fusion process using an alkali metal metalate


80. Purification of aqueous alkali metal chlorate solutions