hoist the colors in Vietnamese

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Sentence patterns related to "hoist the colors"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "hoist the colors" from the English - Vietnamese Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "hoist the colors", or refer to the context using the word "hoist the colors" in the English - Vietnamese Dictionary.

1. Hoist the colours!

Kéo cờ lên.

2. Hoist those sails.

Giương buồm lên.

3. The crew hurried to hoist the flag.

4. Adjustable roll handling hoist

5. Rig pilot ladder alongside hoist.

6. Give me a hoist onto your shoulders.

7. 3 Hoist your sail when the wind is fair. 

8. Materials are elevated to the top floor by the new hoist.

9. A Come along, or a lever hoist is a hand-operated lifting device that’s very similar to a chain hoist

10. At the bottom hoist of the flag, one quarter of the sun is displayed.

Ở dưới cùng của lá cờ, một phần tư mặt trời được hiển thị.

11. Tregoning will never operate a hoist again, not in California.

12. Overbrace jib crane with adjustable hoist. Swing range can be shown.

13. The adjustment collar is disposed between the hoist main body and the electromagnetic actuator.

14. The Prime Minister will hoist the high mast flag at South Point, Port Blair.

15. From low headroom manual hoists for military applications to spark-resistant hoist/trolley combinations for use on offshore oil platforms, Chester Hoist has the expertise to design products to get the job done.

16. They tumble out of campers, erect tripods and hoist arm-length lenses.

17. The electric brake of AC shaft hoist is an important part on hoisting technics low frequencies power generation brake and power are widely used in the shaft hoist of AC asynchronous drive at present.

18. The Republicans, having found it politically useful to spread the myth, are now hoist by it.

19. I drop my bag inside the window and hoist myself over the sill to follow it.

20. In some such implementations, the colors include primary colors.

21. Metal hardware, namely hoist blocks in the nature of pulleys for lifting heavy objects

22. The colors are derived from the colors of the French flag.

Ba phim nền theo các màu sắc của lá cờ Pháp.

23. She saw Lee hoist the baby on his shoulder, with people passing in the background.

24. Police used a hoist to reach the top of the lamp post and cut his chains.

Cảnh sát sử dụng một hoist để đạt tới đỉnh cột đèn và cắt dây chuyền của mình.

25. Our Hoist Systems are designed for manhole and Confined space entry/retrieval applications