big-eyed soldier (fish) murdjan in Vietnamese


cá sơn mắt to,Myripristis

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1. Big fish eat little fish.

2. She eyed the fish on her plate suspiciously.

3. Anableps anableps, the largescale four-eyed fish is a species of four-eyed fish found in fresh and brackish waters of northern South America and Trinidad.

Cá bốn mắt vảy lớn, tên khoa học Anableps anableps, là một loài cá bốn mắt được tìm thấy trong vùng nước lợ miền bắc Nam Mỹ và Trinidad.

4. That's a mighty big fish.

5. In the big sea is produce the big fish.

6. He landed one very big fish.

7. She reeled up a big fish.

8. No celebration is complete unless your audience goes a big Bug eyed!

9. "Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry... The trend of J-pop 'Electronica'".

“Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry... The trend of J-pop 'Electronica'” (bằng tiếng Hàn).

10. Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a small pond?

11. A soldier of fortune came home from war And wondered what he was fighting for This sad-eyed soldier, he broke down and cried Oh oh, he was so

12. Between them they landed the big fish.

13. The fish I caught was yay big.

14. Fried fish sandwiches such as the Filet-O-Fish (from McDonald's) and BK Big Fish (Burger King).

Chuỗi thức ăn nhanh như McDonald (McDonald) và Burger King (Burger vua) có sản phâm bánh sandwich cá chiên.

15. Not a good place to catch big fish.

16. They say you can catch really big fish.

17. The old man tussled with the big fish.

18. Your CI hooked us a pretty big fish.

Chim lợn của anh biếu ta con cá lớn đấy.

19. So far, the products have landed some big fish.

20. He boasted about the big fish he had caught.

21. Carp are no different from any other big fish.

22. He wanted a big fish to take her bait.

23. A big fat pilot fish that feeds on nothing.

Một tên mập ú không làm được gì cả.

24. There are no big fish left to angle for.

25. He carefully jerked a big fish out of water.