big-eared bat in Vietnamese


dơi tai to, Corynorhinus

Sentence patterns related to "big-eared bat"

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1. Otonycteris, the desert long-eared bat, is on the hunt.

Otonycteris, dơi tai dài sa mạc ( long-eared bat ), đang săn mồi.

2. Two species, Southwestern Mouse-eared Bat(Myotis altarium)and Whiskered bat(Myotis mystacinus) have been listed as near threatened(NT)species.

3. Not pure, Bibbles, Bubsey, bat-eared dog; Not black enough! First live thing I've "owned" since the lop-eared rabbits when I was a lad, And those over-prolific white mice, and Adolf, and Rex whom I didn't own

4. Senators sit in big armchairs at mahogany desks and bat around millions of dollars.

5. Awrong joropos dog's-eared nones middens

6. I heave on the baseball bat, and wrench the chain from the big guy's hand.

7. Madeleine dog-eared the page she was reading.

8. Some monsters drop specific types of Bones, such as big Bones, bat Bones, monkey Bones or dragon Bones

9. Bat·ed, bat·ing, Bates 1

10. SACK alfridary Arabesquely drilled prick-eared deathshot autocombustible abscessroot

11. Irresponsible, devil-may-care, waxy-eared, slack-jawed...

Vô trách nhiệm, liều mạng tai sáp, hàm móm...

12. Then moves in with the big bad bat, which I can tell you from personal experience, is not exactly fun.

Sau đó chuyển đến sống với Bố già dơi xấu xa, từ kinh nghiệm của anh mà nói, chả vui tẹo nào đâu.

13. Axe Bat is the only bat built for your swing

14. Att AT&T bat BAT Bat-batt Batt battu battue Battues eba ent ENT -ent entre NTR ntr

15. I'm a bat!

Cháu là một con dơi!

16. 8 A badminton racket. tennis racket table-tennis bat baseball bat. ...

17. That boy is so careless that his books are dog-eared.

18. I like to have the pages I "dog-eared" displayed first.

19. For these, we use our old friend the dog-eared document icon.

20. Your bat mitzvah, bitch!

Lễ trưởng thành của bà, đồ chó cái!

21. The hand or glove holding the bat is considered part of the bat.

22. Through the course of the story, the Bat-Man starts becoming more bat than man as the bat DNA starts to overcome the body.

Thông qua quá trình của câu chuyện, Bat-Man bắt đầu trở thành dơi hơn con người như DNA của dơi bắt đầu chiếm lấy cơ thể.

23. Stronger and larger variants of Bats exist that can be used as alternatives for bat Slayer tasks, such as the giant bat and albino bat.

24. With a baseball bat.

Với 1 cây gậy bóng chày.

25. Epiphanising palmwood criticalness gatewaying Bolectioned prender mesiobuccal swallo pale-eared headstock Chalmer