albino in Hindi

albino 1. एलबीनो{रंजकहीन~व्यक्ति} "I've an albino tiger at home."

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1. The Albino.

2. The Albino Bichir, is just an albino variety of the Dinosaur

3. Helena's an albino.

4. Albino Humans were said to be paler than Chevs.1 The Skakoans worshiped an Albino Cyclops2 The Wookiee Tojjevvuk was an Albino who battled Chewbacca over …

5. It's an albino humping worm!

6. Hello, albino mermaid.

7. You've got a pet albino.

8. That' s like albino, right?

9. Albinoes (rare) plural of albino.

10. You are way outmatched by that crazy albino.

11. 2 Polypterus Albino Bichir Fish FREE SHIPPING

12. How to use Albino in a sentence.

13. Albino animals make prized — and pricey — pets

14. It's the fault of this idiot Albino!

15. A mulatto, an albino , a mosquito, my libido , yeah.

16. And the Albino, he likes his narcotics.

17. She was not an albino, but nearly so.

18. Not an albino, Wade decided, but close enough.

19. A mulatto , an albino, a mosquito, my libido.

20. The dairyman next door is an albino... and a redhead.

21. You leave me alone with that fucking albino.


23. This humpback mother whale still loves her freaky albino baby.

24. Albino seedling is the typical chlorophyll - deficient mutation in plants.

25. Albino Aeneus Cory (Corydoras Aeneus) – Group of 5 Fish

26. Had the bad luck to be born half-albino.

27. A mulatto , an albino, a mosquito( ), my libido.

28. A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito , my libido. Yeah!

29. Then why do I give you all the albino holidays off?

30. albino lynx, and it's not as warm as it might seem.

31. The version 2.2 of Albino ready to test for registered customers.

32. An Albino offspring results from a specific combination of genes

33. Not bad for a mulatto, an albino and a mosquito.

34. Familiar Albino animals include in-bred strains of laboratory animals (rats, mice and rabbits), but populations of naturally occurring Albino animals exist in the wild, e.g

35. The Albino is a recurring character in the first and second seasons

36. I ended up living with this albino guy who was cleaning windshields.

37. Albino chimp baby murdered by its elders days after rare sighting

38. The albino Bichir is the rarest variety and highly sought after

39. Many Albino people prefer to be called a "person with albinism".

40. Added to this was a distinctive mop of white hair verging on albino.

41. The coral albino boas originated from one of Pete Kahl's original hetero bloodlines.

42. The Axolotl golden albino can have random shiny stripes or dots all over the body

43. He remembered telling Michael, the albino boy, about her, boasting about her beauty.

44. This helps distinguish the difference between an albino Badger or leucistic Badger

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46. Albino m (plural Albinos, feminine albina, feminine plural albinas) albino: person or animal congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); one afflicted with albinism; References ^ “

47. The Albinos responsible for disseminating knowledge and history about themselves (Albino people) have been so successful in bamboozling the Albino people, that even members of the legal profession are oblivious to the realities of their physical existence.

48. The blue-eyed white has the Vienna breed's white gene and is not a true albino.

49. Albino Blacksheep (ABS): Mostly Flash, Game and Video Media files for users and developers.

50. Meanwhile, Albino animals are highly visible to predators, especially o utside of snowy habitats