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alike 1. समान~रूप~से "They always think alike." alike 1. समान "These two handwritings are almost alike."

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1. It's exactly alike.

2. Definition of Alike (Entry 2 of 2) : exhibiting close resemblance without being identical Alike in their beliefs Other Words from Alike Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about Alike

3. Featured on"Alike" is an animated

4. Alike definition, in the same manner or form; similarly: They treated all customers Alike

5. We looked very alike.

6. Great minds think alike.

7. Their tempers are much alike

8. You Jews are all alike.

9. The sun shines all alike.

10. The students all recreate alike.

11. The twins were dressed alike.

12. Alike definition: If two or more things are Alike , they are similar in some way

13. You and me are alike.

14. Twins tend to think alike.

15. He treats all children alike.

16. Better for employers and Apprentices alike

17. These two photographs are almost alike.

18. The twins are very much alike.

19. Synonyms for Alike in Free Thesaurus

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21. The Amiga look-alike window manager

22. Israelis and Palestinians alike need security

23. The children all look very alike.

24. We do think alike, don't we?

25. The monarch and viceroy look alike.

26. The 2 sisters are very alike.

27. Lucy and I are a lot alike.

28. Alike, Neustadt an der Weinstraße

29. A Windows # look-alike derivative of FVWM

30. All the buildings here look monotonously alike.

31. Every mother breeds not sons alike

32. And not all Cot frames are alike

33. Friction and nonfriction Blisters may look alike

34. Adonia is alike in pronunciation to Addonia.

35. The definition of Alike is having similarities

36. CHORUS Two households, both alike in dignity,

37. Good and bad alike respected the teacher.

38. Words written alike are often pronounced differently.

39. The twins don't look at all alike.

40. The two brothers look very much alike.

41. • Rulers and ruled alike are Answerable to him.

42. The dragon feeds on horse and lamb alike.

43. But they all alike began to make excuses.

44. His newspaper articles criticized friend and foe alike.

45. The Inquisition had tortured rich and poor alike.

46. Males and female Buttercups do not look alike

47. They do this to men and women alike.

48. Friends are generally Alike in background and tastes.

49. We think so much alike it's almost spooky.

50. Concretions are fascinating to geologists and rockhounds alike