airtight in Hindi

airtight 1. वायु रोधक "Petrol is kept in airtight barrels."

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1. Airtight (comparative more Airtight, superlative most Airtight) Impermeable to air or other gases

2. Airtight window

3. In airtight containers

4. – – In airtight containers:

5. Airtight 'Airtight' is a 8 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Airtight' Clue Answer; Having no weak points (8) Airtight: Totally sealed (8) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Airtight

6. Sealed in, airtight.

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8. Yeah, he's airtight.

9. Salmon, in airtight containers

10. Airtight (i.e., hermetically sealed

11. – Class 9: ‘Airtight clothing’;

12. Airtight (i.e., hermetically sealed);

13. These suits are airtight.

14. This thing's airtight, yeah?

15. This thing' s airtight, yeah?

16. a. airtight (i.e., hermetically sealed);

17. – – – Corned beef, in airtight containers

18. a. Airtight (i.e., hermetically sealed);

19. a. Airtight (i.e. hermetically sealed);

20. This is an airtight container.

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22. We specialize in all Airtight cartridges

23. a. Airtight (i. e. hermetically sealed);

24. Just make sure this is airtight.

25. • Store cookies in an Airtight container

26. Air stop valve of airtight body

27. Hermetic: Airtight sealing of an object.

28. What does Airtight mean? Impermeable by air

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30. Airtight definition: If a container is Airtight , its lid fits so tightly that no air can get in or out

31. No prison in the world is airtight.

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33. • Sealing food in an Airtight jar starves the …

34. The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing an airtight food storage vessel which provides a better airtight characteristic than the existing airtight vessel, improves the airtight characteristic through a double injection molding, and can reduce manufacturing cost, error rate and failure rate by removing additional processes.

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36. Make sure the chain of custody is airtight.

37. Please close windows and make your homes airtight .

38. By this method an airtight seal was made.

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42. The seal on the food was... Not airtight.

43. Airtight definition is - impermeable to air or nearly so

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45. The massive airtight door to the refectory swung shut.

46. The device can form a watertight or airtight seal.

47. Airtight 40-Cup Plastic Storage Container with Blue Handle

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49. That will tell you if the seal is airtight.

50. Establish airtight perimeter, and start site-to-site search.