air vice marshal in Hindi

Air Vice Marshal 1. एअर वाइस मार्शल{वायु~सेना~का~उच्च~अधिकारी} "Harpal is the Air Vice Marshal."

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1. Air Vice-Marshal, Midlands.

2. Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Abu Basutu

3. I told the Air Vice-Marshal we were doing extraordinary manoeuvres.

4. AIR MATERIEL COMMAND By AIR VICE MARSHAL C. L ANNIS, OBE Air Officer Commanding, Air Materiel Command

5. Returning to Australia in 1951, he was raised to acting air vice marshal and became AOC Southern Area.

6. We were delighted, and at a convenient interlude she took me to a favourite uncle, an Air Vice-Marshal.

7. Ranks in the RCAF Boy Aircraftman, 2nd Class Aircraftman, 1st Class Leading Aircraftman Corporal Sergeant Flight Sergeant Warrant Officer, Class II Warrant Officer, Class I Pilot Officer Flying Officer Flight Lieutenant Squadron Leader Wing Commander Group Captain Air Commodore Air Vice-Marshal Air Marshal Air Chief Marshal Boy AC2 AC1 LAC Cpl Sgt Flt Sgt WO II WO I P/O F/O F/L S/L W/C G/C A/C A/V/M A/M A/C/M

8. Air Force » 16 Wing Home » News and Events » Archives 2006 » Article Archives 2006 Aerospace Engineering Officers Graduate at CFSATE June 13, 2006 Lieutenant John Lloyd (center) is presented the Air Vice Marshal E.W.Stedman Trophy by BGen Paul McCabe accompanied by CWO Kurt Paulekat, both of National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa (Photo by Sgt Bill McLeod) By MWO Normand Marion, 16 Wing On May 10, 2006, the candidates of the AERE Officer Basic course (AOBC) 0601 formed up inside Dyte Hall to take part in the very last phase of their course, the graduation ceremony.