youth in English

the period between childhood and adult age.
he had been a keen sportsman in his youth
synonyms: early yearsyoung days salad days teens teenage years adolescence boyhood girlhood childhood minority juvenescence
young people considered as a group.
middle-class youth have romanticized poverty
synonyms: young people young younger generationnext generation

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1. ["Party youth militia"]

2. Amateur youth sports services, namely, organizing, providing, and managing youth sports activities

3. Byte is a “by youth, for youth” organization that focuses on empowering and promoting youth throughout the Yukon and Canada’s north

4. I personally like to call them mob youth or ignorant angry youth .

5. All youth groups will have to affiliate to the National Youth Agency.

6. In addition, CIDA hosts a youth speakers’ program, and has a part of its website dedicated to youth, i.e. Youth Zone.

7. Acholi NRM Concerned Youth is an association of Acholi youth under NRM party

8. Amateur youth sports services

9. Alexandretta Youth Association, İskenderun

10. Youth means limitless possibilities.

11. Plea for the Youth

12. ‘Rejoice in Your Youth

13. 1 Youth means limitless possibilities.

14. Reckless youth makes rueful age.

15. There's a Youth remix, too.

16. An Invitation to the Youth

17. The youth looked exceedingly crestfallen.

18. Let youth glitter in struggling.

19. In youth passion is preponderant.

20. Aftermass Youth Group, Oakville, Ontario

21. In all, 16,000 youth participated.

22. Youth first classics never redeemed.

23. • Formulate youth participation on all levels in relation to Dr. Fry's speech and support of youth.

24. Youth may also participate in discussions about challenges that the youth in the stake are facing.

25. Bragly Bragly is a weekly youth group open to LGBTQ and allied youth ages 14-18

26. Between 1974 and 1983, he was leader of the communist youth movement, the Free German Youth.

27. Chafee Foster Youth Eligibility Requirements

28. Alcazar brought youth and enthusiasm

29. You're ruining my youth, okay?

30. A youth product of Willem II, De Jong played through the entire youth system at the club.

31. Minimum wage for youth (in accordance with the minimum wage regulations (working youth and apprentices) 5747–1987)

32. S-Pulse operate Youth and Junior Youth teams as part of their academy to nurture local talent.

33. Bragly B rAGLY is a weekly youth group open to LGBTQ and allied youth ages 14-18

34. Bading SDA Youth Organiztion, Butuan City

35. Recommended Products The Aesthe Youth Emulsion

36. 1 Youth, our dissolute time passage.

37. the warden of a youth hostel.

38. Youth Blackshirts Crony Cap Price: $26.99

39. Adventuress, Seattle, Washington Youth Adventure, Inc

40. It's impossible to renew one's youth.

41. The youth like to wear knickerbockers.

42. Acholi NRM Concerned Youth, Gulu, Uganda

43. The Abundance of money ruins youth

44. They studied together in their youth.

45. Youth Circulations is a nexus for research, art and activism around youth mobility and the politics of representation

46. Bragly is a group that is run by youth but managed by adults for Brockton-area LGBTQ youth

47. Recommended Products The Aesthe Youth Cream

48. Welcome to the Altared Youth Website

49. Tragically, youth are commonly the victims . . .

50. Cryonics is still in its youth.