wrench in English

a sudden violent twist or pull.
with a wrench Tony wriggled free
synonyms: tug pull jerk jolt heave yank
a feeling of sadness or distress caused by one's own or another's departure.
it will be a real wrench to leave after eight years
synonyms: traumatic event painful parting pang trauma
pull or twist (someone or something) suddenly and violently.
Casey grabbed the gun and wrenched it upward from my hand

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "wrench" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "wrench", or refer to the context using the word "wrench" in the English Dictionary.

1. Adjustable wrench

2. Quick-adjust wrench

3. Adjustable ratchet wrench

4. Adjustable self-locking wrench

5. Reamer/wrench/post kit

6. Give me the wrench.

7. Where's the socket wrench?

8. Famous Brazilians monkey wrench

9. And an Allen wrench.

10. The hollow socket head screw wrench (7, 2) or a tube wrench represents two alternatives.

11. That was my best wrench.

12. Wrench with a ratchet member

13. Adjustable wrench with preset stops

14. Socket wrench and screwdriver inserts

15. Open-close type ratchet wrench

16. Who's a good Allen wrench?

17. There blood on that wrench?

18. You's a good Allen wrench.

19. Please find below all the : Famous Brazilians monkey wrench answers and solutions for the popular game Monkey Wrench

20. Here is the answer for: Famous Brazilians monkey wrench answers, solutions for the popular game Monkey Wrench

21. He managed to wrench himself free.

22. You guys got an adjustable wrench?

23. Oh, look, it's an allen wrench.

24. Phoebe' s good with a wrench

25. Why do you wrench your body?

26. An adjustable wrench has a device shaft (30) adapted to be turned by a conventional ratchet wrench.

27. An improved wrench for adjusting fasteners.

28. She managed to wrench herself free.

29. He came after me with a wrench.

30. Throwing a wrench into someone else's bid?

31. This 8mm x 10mm brake Bleeder wrench has This 8mm x 10mm brake Bleeder wrench has a hex opening

32. She found leaving home a real wrench.

33. Use a wrench to loosen the nut.

34. A 5/ 32 inch hex key wrench

35. Lisle Brake Bleeder Wrench Part #: 10990 Line: LIS

36. Lisle Brake Bleeder Wrench Part #: 10950 Line: LIS

37. Kind of an ace with an allen wrench.

38. Hey, will you pass me the Allen wrench?

39. Thanks for the Allen wrench, by the way.

40. He pulled the handle off with a wrench.

41. Adjustable Wrench is designed to The 8 in

42. To the toolshed to get an allen wrench.

43. 26 Use a wrench to loosen the nut.

44. Leaving home was a terrible wrench for me.

45. Leaving New York had been a terrible wrench.

46. Delta Aerator and Wrench from the Victorian Collection

47. Hey, would you hand me that Allen wrench?

48. Leaving home was a terrible wrench for him.

49. Ever have your skull laid open with a wrench?

50. The bolts can only be released with a wrench.