soapy in English

containing or covered with soap.
hot soapy water
characteristic of a soap opera.
soapy little turns of plot

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "soapy" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "soapy", or refer to the context using the word "soapy" in the English Dictionary.

1. Chapman, brushy brush and soapy soap.

2. 6 Wash with soapy water and ammonia.

3. But for some people, Cilantro tastes soapy, or …

4. Disconsolate, Soapy ceased his unavailing racket.

5. 21 Wash the blouse in warm soapy water.

6. 21 Soapy was shaven and had his best clothes on.

7. 26 Soapy Smith is a twenty - four - pound calico rex rabbit.

8. Non-abrasive soapy solution: # % by weight of potassium oleate in de-ionized water

9. The anthem that the organist played cemented Soapy to the iron fence.

10. Alkalis have the following properties: Alkalis have bitter taste and a slippery soapy feel

11. The smell of the fatty Aldehydes has another common property – a “soapy” aspect

12. With half an eye Soapy saw that the policeman was watching him fixedly.

13. Non-abrasive soapy solution: 1 % by weight of potassium oleate in de-ionized water.

14. Soapy displayed McGinty from 1892 to 1895 throughout Colorado and the northwest United States.

15. I take a toothbrush and lightly brush out any crumbs Aftward in warm soapy water.

16. After cutting raw meats , wash hands , cutting board , knife , and counter tops with hot , soapy water .

17. Wash your hands, cutting board, utensils, dishes, and countertops with hot, soapy water before preparing each item.

18. DCOF Acutest® uses slightly soapy water instead of clean water to recreate environments where slipping occurs

19. Chiggers can remain in ordinary clothing, but will be eliminated after washing the garments in hot, soapy water

20. Two men Busily scrubbed dingy, white plastic chairs, while another mopped soapy water off the tiled floor

21. The Architect quickly devolves from hip, idealistic ensemble piece to mostly soapy goulash for the politically correct

22. The cookies seemed bland and the fillings were aggressive in flavor, with odd soapy and chemical-type Aftertastes

23. Fortunately someone had the presence of mind to snap off a picture, preserving the soapy creature for posterity.

24. When bags are found in the tree, simply pick the Bagworms off and drown them in a bucket of soapy water

25. It should be noted fairly immediately that Belgravia, the scandalously soapy new period drama from Julian Fellowes, is not Downton Abbey.

26. “Whether you use wood or plastic for cutting raw meat and poultry, scrub the board well afterward with hot soapy water.”

27. Billions Critics Consensus Despite a lack of likable characters, Billions ' soapy melodrama and larger-than-life canvas offer plenty of repeat viewing potential.

28. On the sidewalk Soapy began to yell drunken gibberish at the top of his harsh voice. He danced, howled, raved , and otherwise disturbed the welkin.

29. Instead of being offended, this good man began to scrub the family dishes by hand with extra soapy water before attending the temple.

30. Adipocere is a soapy, waxy, and in some instances, cheese-like substance derived from the fat and soft tissues of a deceased person or animal

31. Directed by Max Ophuls, "Caught" is a soapy melodrama that has a couple things going for it that push it above the purely routine

32. Whether you consider it soapy or sensational, Cilantro is an undeniably global herb -- one that seems to appear in everything from Mexican salsa to Chinese stir-fries and

33. Soapy Coochies (Sex Game) Share Collapse Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December 2020.

34. There are also several similar words to Butyraceous in our dictionary, which are Adipose, Buttery, Creamy, Lardy, Lubricant, Lustrous, Oiled, Oleaginous, Polished, Rich, Saponaceous, Sleek, Slippery, Smeary, Smooth, Soapy, Soothing, Swimming, Unctuous, Waxy and Lubricative.

35. Just as his more fortunate fellow New Yorkers had bought their tickets to Palm Beach and the Riviera each winter, so Soapy had made his humble arrangements for his annual hegira to the Island.

36. To remove dried-on paint from a synthetic-bristle paintbrush, soak it in full-strength white vinegar until the paint dissolves and the bristles are soft and pliable, then wash in hot,[] soapy water.

37. Mad Robot Vapos Militarum - Bearskins [HH-67] - 5 heads, wearing Bearskin hats and Steamy masks! Cast in resin, this product is sold unpainted and should be washed in cool, soapy water prior to painting.

38. But I also liked her wet, soapy body; I liked to let her soap me and I liked to soap her, and she taught me not do it bashfully[sentence dictionary], but with assurance and possessive thoroughness.

39. Bases are chemical compounds that, in solution, are soapy to the touch and turn red vegetable dyes blue.When mixed, acids and Bases neutralize one another and produce salts, substances with a salty taste and none of the characteristic properties of either acids or Bases.…

40. As the Beest’s topsail flaps back and forth in the wind and the wind stomachs “breathe in” air, it creates a pressure disequilibrium that forces the sweat glands’ soapy water up through the system of medical tubing, towards the Beest’s most sand-prone parts (like the backs of the knees).

41. Charles "Sonny" Ates (1935-2010), American racecar driver who at one time held the world speed record for a sprint car; Roscoe Ates (1895-1962), American actor and musician, known for his role as Soapy Jones in fifteen films from 1946 to 1948 and for his five appearances on …

42. The stage was being Chaotically remodelled for the second spectacular of the evening.: His hair was Chaotically bedraggled, obviously soaked as well as sporadically covered with soapy foam.: Her influence on the Chancellor has tidied up his life, his Chaotically untidy homes and his unflattering clothing.: He switched back and forth between an electro-acoustic guitar and an electric, and his