soapstone in English

a soft rock consisting largely of talc.
Production procedures across granite, marble, sandstone and soapstone , along with case studies complete the picture.

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1. The outer layers are soapstone, chosen for its enduring qualities and ease of use.

2. Soapstone is a great Countertop material if you're looking for a natural stone option that has a warm and rustic look to it

3. Farrow & Ball Babouche yellow painted shaker kitchen cabinets, this kitchen has a zinc backsplash, soapstone countertops and vintage lighting.

4. Vintage Crowning Touch Collection Carved Handcarved Soapstone Inlay Trinket Box with mother of pearl inlay, Round, 4" Diameter, 1.25" Tall MySweetPets

5. Except the two innermost pillars of peripheral series abutting on the navaranga front , all others , as well as the four central ones , though in sandstone , are partially lathe - turned heralding the more completely lathe - turned pillars of schist or soapstone of the later Chalukyas and their successors .

6. Trade of steatite (soapstone), nephrite adzes, and basalt from the interior for dentalium beads and other marine shell objects from the coast, must only represent a limited reflection of a much broader trade in perishables such as dried salmon from the interior and eulachon fish oil from the coast.