shutting in English

move (something) into position so that it blocks an opening.
shut the window, please
synonyms: close pull/push to slam fasten put the lid on bar lock secure

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1. We're not shutting down.

2. Nope, they're shutting us down.

3. Can you help me with shutting down?

4. When I do not know shutting down ware.

5. No, he was shutting it down for good.

6. Who is allowed to abort active sessions when shutting down

7. 19 This mode is attained by shutting down the eyelids.

8. She waited, shutting her eyes and shivering as the light waned.

9. Try freeing some memory by shutting down a few applications.

10. I might not be shutting my drapes to show her my slides.

11. I'm shutting it down, have your office cleared out by the morning.

12. Vietnamese officials have openly admitted that the government is shutting down websites.

13. The farmers live cheek by jowl with the pits that are shutting down.

14. 17 They seem intent on shutting their eyes to the problems of pollution.

15. By the simple strategy of never shutting down ENIAC, the failures were dramatically reduced.

16. She came in Briskly, and shutting the door behind her advanced to the bedside

17. What does Claustration mean? Shutting up or enclosing, usually referring to a religious cloister

18. Access by BMW, the Automaker’s two-year-old subscription service, is shutting down

19. The Abrupt sound of the shower shutting off told him Jana was finished

20. .3 arrangements operable from within the galley for shutting off the exhaust fans;

21. He censored many leftist activities including shutting down of many newspapers and publications.

22. .3 arrangements for automatically shutting off the electrical power upon activation of the extinguishing system;

23. .3 arrangements, operable from within the galley, for shutting off the exhaust fans; and

24. She is very reclusive, to the point of shutting me out of her life.

25. Our sin may seem like a massive cloud shutting out the light of God’s favor.

26. What does Blockade mean? The definition of a Blockade is a shutting off or a blocking

27. Myriad works by shutting down the connection between the amygdala and the rostral anterior cingulate cortex.

28. Some of the arguments in favour of shutting the factory are questionable and others downright spurious.

29. Bastardies, Usages, Desertions, and Doubleness (after Plath’s The Courage of Shutting Up) The old men lean forward

30. Which acts Antipolitically by focusing on problem-solving mechanisms and shutting down spaces for debate and dissent

31. And we come back, and the first thing that happens is Lance is shutting me out, and...

32. Noun. Claustration ( countable and uncountable, plural Claustrations ) Shutting up or enclosing, usually in a religious cloister

33. Electronic energy-saving apparatus for the temporary shutting off of electric apparatus using electronic, optical or acoustic sensors

34. I mean, what's the point of shutting yourself off completely from something that lifts you off the ground?

35. 22 Some of the arguments in favour of shutting the factory are questionable and others downright spurious.

36. Close your Microsoft account Warning: When you follow the steps below, you're permanently shutting down your Microsoft account

37. Deactivation Deactivation is the inverse of activation, and refers to shutting down any already-executing components of a system.

38. Folks think that foreign women kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery can be saved by shutting a whole industry down.

39. Then, collecting her thoughts, shutting out all sound save that in her headset, she began to take down the message.

40. A 63-year-old woman died when the tremor knocked out power in Yamagata prefecture , shutting off her respirator .

41. Whether it is allowed to abort active sessions when shutting down the system via the global command socket

42. And do they realize that they are shutting the door on 41 members of the United States Congress?

43. Despite masks, distance and constant cleaning, multiple fully vaccinated staff have tested positive, Bizzarro is shutting down for the week

44. 22 By shutting ourselves off from the bounties of nature, we become failed omnivores. We let the omnivore team down.

45. 19 The sporadic shutting off of town centres by selective use of barriers is already under way to stop the bombers.

46. Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Claustration (Noun) Shutting up or enclosing, usually referring to a religious cloister

47. If they did, we would be shutting down all of our coal and gas plants based on radioactivity alone.

48. Nowadays there are many software utilities which can automate the task of shutting down a Windows computer, enabling automatic computer control.

49. The Blockades reached a breaking point Thursday, with both Via Rail and Canadian National rail shutting down major parts of their network

50. The government responded to the insurgency by banning anti-monarchy statements, imprisoning journalists, and shutting down newspapers accused of siding with the insurgents.