shank of the journey in English

last major leg of a journey

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1. All Buttonholers and monogrammers are designed for a specific category machine: high shank, low shank and angle shank

2. Design of the use of leather board shank.

3. Carbide Burrs come in both 1/4" shank and 1/8" shank.

4. Rotary Broach / Wobble Broach Tool Holder 3/4" shank for 8mm shank Broaches

5. Shank type tools have a cylindrical or conical shank allowing them to be clamped in the tool holder.

6. The mugger pulled a shank on the victim.

7. TAPER SHANK Interchangeable Counterbores page 180.

8. Rotary Broach / Wobble Broach Tool Holder 1-1/4" shank for 1/2" shank Broaches

9. The clamp has the same advantages of high accuracy, convenient assembly and disassembly and simple structure as the straight shank type and the taper shank type.

10. Wide adaptability to tool shank accuracy.

11. STRAIGHT SHANK Interchangeable Counterbores page 180

12. Does he look like a Shank?

13. Assembly also includes a Roloc™ shank

14. Buffing Wheel with 1/4 In Shank

15. The boneless butt/shank-off is prepared by deboning the butt/shank-off (9114), removing the aitchbone, pubic and pelvic bones, femur, cartilage and tendons.

16. Angled shank raises the platform for extra ground clearance

17. Buttonholer Greist Attachment, Slant Shank, Singer #5

18. He felt a bullet hit his shank.

19. The drill bit is provided with a shoulder (20) at the inner end of the shank (19), said shoulder having an abutment surface (21) facing towards the free end of the shank (19).

20. Leg Shank Bone is prepared from a Leg Chump On - Shank On - Aitch Bone Removed (item 4801) by the removal of the femur bone by tunnel or seam boning.

21. The expanding mandrel (5) comprises a shank (11) with an outer thread (12) and an expanding head (13) which tapers conically towards the shank (11).

22. Buffing Wheel with 1/4 In Shank

23. Was shank folded must pass steel needle?

24. Leg- Femur Bone (shank off partially boned) is prepared from a Leg- Chump On- Aitch Bone Removed (item # ), by the removal of the Shank (tibia) at the stifle joint

25. The Collet has a taper that when tightened into the shaft of the spindle will tighten around the shank of the end mill.The shank of the end mill is the smoother part of the end mill