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Below are sample sentences containing the word "shape out" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "shape out", or refer to the context using the word "shape out" in the English Dictionary.

1. The suit has shrunk out of shape.

2. She was fat, slovenly, and out of shape.

3. His fingers splay out in a star shape.

4. Her mouth was twisted out of shape by grief.

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6. The front wheel of the bicycle was out of shape.

7. The wake spread out in a v-shape behind the ship.

8. This explains the bowed-out shape of the production possibilities frontier.

9. To twist or bend out of shape His face Contorts as he screams out the lyrics.

10. This program takes a shape and spits out 250 DNA sequences.

11. Contorted definition: twisted out of shape Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

12. Brachycephaly Synonyms Broad cranium shape; Broad head shape; Broad skull shape; Wide cranium shape; Wide head shape; Wide skull shape

13. Crumple definition is - to press, bend, or crush out of shape : rumple

14. You just kind of down about being black and out of shape?

15. This shape here just came out of an exercise in pure mathematics.

16. None of these victims Look out-of-shape Or easy to control.

17. This page shows answers to the clue Contort.Contort may be defined as “To twist, or twist together“Twist and press out of shape“To twist, bend, or draw out of shape”.

18. Kən-tôrt' The definition of Contort is to twist or bend out very out of shape

19. Contort (v.) "to twist or wrench out of shape," early 15c

20. "Love how Bonbo worked with me to shape up and stand out

21. Various workers add their skills to shape the glass, rotating the blowpipe constantly to keep the soft form from sagging out of shape.

22. As public right force puissant intervene, happened to be out of shape already.

23. The pollard willows were tortured out of their natural shape by incessant choppings.

24. To Contort something is to bend or twist it out of its original shape

25. You'll be out in a year and in the best shape of your life.