shangri-la|shangri la in English


imaginary paradise, utopia on Earth, idyllic place; remote peaceful and pastoral hideaway

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1. New York is a shopper's Shangri-La.

2. BeiJin Shangri-La restaurant opened up on 22Aug 19 the first restaurant which was invested to build in Chinese Mainland by Shangri-La groggery group.

3. Also Shangri-La brings theChinese spirit; to mix together the Frenchstyle and the spirit of Shangri-Lawas for me very interesting.

4. By 2013, international brands included Shangri-La, Westin (opening September 2013), and Sheraton.

5. Shangri-La was decommissioned in 1971 and sold for scrap in 1988.

6. Shangri-La is a fictional valley in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton.

7. On 1 July, Shangri-La got underway from Leyte to return to the combat zone.

8. Several other similar features have been observed in the dark Shangri-la and Aaru regions.

9. They even make it into the Himalayas, and ... could that be the lost city of Shangri-La?

10. Once the diamond is placed at the top, it will point the way to Shangri-La.

11. The food and beverage outlets at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore are operated by the same management.

12. To say that for me the days up here are Shangri-La is not to oversell.

13. In Singapore, Prime Minister will also deliver the key-note address at the 17th Shangri-la Dialogue.

14. After inactivation overhaul at the Boston Naval Shipyard, South Annex, Shangri-La decommissioned on 30 July 1971.

15. Since Shangri-la first time opened in 1971 in Singapo,It strides forward to international territory constantly.

16. This scenario has befallen several Yunnan cities that tried to cash in on the allure of Shangri-La.

17. The 2007 iteration of the Shangri-La Dialogue was a landmark meeting as it attracted top-level participation from China.

18. There are a lot of factions that would love to get their hands on the Eye of Shangri-La.

19. The legend of Shangri-La tells of an isolated valley high in the Himalayas, where paradise exists on earth.

20. The company also remains committed to its expansion plans in North America with the recent succesful opening of Vancouver Shangri-La.

21. Cut off from the outside world by jagged mountains and primitive infrastructure, Shangri-La is the poorest of the Nine Nations.

22. Shangri-la is just like a warm posthouse for the Jinsha, Lancang and Nujiang rivers on their way to the sea.

23. This was before I had the clips that translated into expense accounts and hotels like the Shangri-la or the Mandarin.

24. I saw the beauty of Shangri-la, the meretricious of Dali, the impatience of Lijiang, and the uneducated people of Yunnan.

25. He crafted a public relations' plan that the West lapped up lock, stock and barrel, and created the so-called Shangri-La myth.