shanghai|shanghaied|shanghaiing|shanghais in English


[shang·hai || 'ʃæŋ'haɪ]

kidnap and force to serve on a boat (Nautical); coerce, force, compel

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1. Shanghaied?

2. I got shanghaied into organizing the kids' party.

3. Synonyms for Ballistas include catapults, trebuchets, arbalests, heavers, hurlers, pitchers, propellers, shanghais, shooters and slings

4. Shanghai Circus-Amazing Acrobats

5. Shanghai Bailemen Hotel (Bailemen dajiudian) is an international three star standard hotel in Shanghai

6. Atour Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao Exhibition is set in Shanghai and features a shared lounge

7. Under the Shanghai VAT pilot program, Google Advertising (Shanghai) is required to charge 6% VAT for all clients, even if they aren't based in Shanghai.

8. Breaking news at Shanghai.

9. Cassirer Ernst . Essay on Man. Trans . Gan Yang. Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 19

10. Shanghai Richen Industrial Co. , Ltd.

11. Visitors to Shanghai will find that the Atour Hotel (Shanghai Xinzhuang) is a fantastic accommodation choice

12. Tan, Amy. The Bonesetter 's Daughter. Trans. Zhang Kun. Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 200

13. Tang ZY. Tang Zhaoyou clinical liver oncology. Shanghai: Shanghai Technological Education Publishing House , 2001 : 245 .

14. Les Suites Orient, Bund Shanghai

15. Ever think about leaving Shanghai?

16. SHANGHAI -- A recent 5G upgrade is both benefiting and Bemusing residents of a small village near Shanghai

17. To be Shanghaied meant to be drugged, kidnapped and forced become a captive deckhand on an outbound ship.

18. Waxwork depicting Shanghai rookery in late 19th century, Shanghai History Museum, basement of Oriental Pearl Tower.

19. Synonyms for Abducting include kidnapping, kidnaping, seizing, snatching, capturing, carrying off, making off with, hijacking, running off with and shanghaiing

20. Synonyms for Abducts include kidnaps, seizes, snatches, captures, carries off, makes off with, hijacks, runs off with, shanghais and dognaps

21. Atour Light Shanghai On the Bund

22. Look at the skyline of Shanghai.

23. Shanghai is a technologically advanced city.

24. Osvaldo Gimenez , invites to lead your compatriot to tumble out Shanghai, the Shanghai fan does not welcome you!

25. The train will depart from Shanghai.