shan|shans in English


member of a people that lives in northeast Myanmar and in areas in the vicinity of China and Thailand and Laos

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1. Listen, brother Shan

2. Ashanti [ uh- shan-tee, uh- shahn- ] noun, plural A·shan·tis, (especially collectively) A·shan·ti for 2

3. 20 Times square beautified Shan first environment, represent Shan first vigour and development.

4. Triangle- Shan State (East)

5. " Jin Shan Temple "

6. Tai Shan is granitic while Lao Shan has soluble limestone with mineral water springs.

7. Shan the folk custom with peculiar head flirtatious expressions, tide agitation rhyme is Shan first sign.

8. And the Shan Shan of 3 G comes behindhand, left space of chunk blank market really.

9. Seen 3761 Win % 69.1% Bastila Shan Counters.

10. Former Triangle (Shan State East) Regional Commander

11. Satele Shan is a famous Jedi Consular.

12. Jin Duyi, Deputy General of Chuan-Shan

13. New cremators commissioned at the Fu Shan Crematorium.

14. Sir, the leader of Hua Shan Clan is here

15. 18 Darren Shan is the pseudonym for Darren Shaughnessy.

16. There is a fire station on Chung - Shan North Road.

17. The fitting is : Shan Diandan is sufficient, earphone, user's manual.

18. Shan Foods brings you the Biryanis of the World

19. Soon after, Shan Bo died from a broken heart.

20. " It's about Wei - cheng and Ching - shan , " he said timidly.

21. Zhang Jun’s heart shuddered as he glared Blamingly at Lin Shan

22. Gymnosperm Database: Pinus hwangshanensis Huangshan pine on Huang Shan (photos)

23. Southwest phoenix You Shan, fabulous Feng Aoxiang having celestial being hereat and renown.

24. Central Asia's other major mountain range, the Tian Shan, skirts northern Tajikistan.

25. Youdo chiefsays he must inform your husband Awaithis consent?" said Zhou Shan