shamus|shamuses in English


[sham·us || 'ʃeɪməs ,'ʃɑː-]

(Slang) private detective, private investigator; police office

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1. Very tricky business being a private shamus.

2. But then I asked myself: Are we serving Shamus as well as he was serving us?

3. You know, a while back—a while back I met a young man named Shamus in a V.

4. Coben is the first author to win all three literary awards: the Edgar Award, Shamus Award and Anthony Award.

5. A while back, I met a young man named Shamus at the VFW Hall in East Molne, Illinois.

6. Bros is the new project from Ewan and Shamus Currie, front man and keyboardist, respectively, for platinum-selling Canadian …

7. Relax. The man says relax. I've got a fictional character stashed in a hotel room, and I think my wife is having me tailed by a private shamus.