shampoo|shampooed|shampooing|shampoos in English


[sham·poo || ʃæm'puː]

wash one's hair with shampoo; clean with detergent, wash with soap

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1. * Selenium sulfide shampoos .

2. * Tar-based shampoos .

3. Shampoos, toothpastes.

4. Like strawberry shampoo or dandruff shampoo?

5. After shampooing , rinse again with vinegar water .

6. * shampooing too often or not often enough

7. Shampoo?

8. Give your hair a good rinse after shampooing it.

9. What about shampoo?

10. Soap, shampoo, notepaper.

11. 19 Dolly was sitting in the zinc bath shampooing her hair.

12. Ma, shampoo is out.

13. * Watch out for shampoos that are packaged to look like dandruff shampoos but only say that they will rinse away loose dandruff .

14. If dandruff persists despite regular shampooing , you may need something stronger .

15. 20 Dolly was sitting in the zinc bath shampooing her hair.

16. The different types of dandruff shampoos include :

17. Uh, shampoo, I think.

18. Oh, major shampoo explosion!

19. I love your shampoo.

20. Wellzyn said he made shampoo.

21. * Try using a softer shampoo .

22. Expensive ginger-and-citrus shampoo.

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25. How to use Capex Shampoo This shampoo comes with a capsule of medication that the pharmacist must add to the shampoo before giving you this product