sexualise|sexualised|sexualises|sexualising in English

verb sexualise (Brit.)

make sexual, attribute sexual qualities to (also sexualize)

Use "sexualise|sexualised|sexualises|sexualising" in a sentence

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1. The report said: "Music channels and videos across all genres have been found to sexualise and objectify women.

2. The Accusatory words hint of family disturbance, dysfunction and that ugly British tendency to sexualise prematurely our little girls

3. Examples of restricted adult content: strip clubs, erotic cinemas, sex toys, adult magazines, sexual enhancement products, matchmaking sites, models in sexualised poses

4. The interesting thing is he doesn't cross out quite sensitive political or court gossip, or the Bawdier passages – it's just the baby talk, which is both infantilising and quite sexualised

5. The objectification of women and animals has been validated by the pervasiveness of such mass media representations, and subsequently the iconographies of the Animalised woman and the sexualised animal seep seamlessly into the mundane every day, …