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street language used to describe sex

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1. Bunghole (slang) synonyms, Bunghole (slang) pronunciation, Bunghole (slang) translation, English dictionary definition of Bunghole (slang)

2. Bosh (slang) synonyms, Bosh (slang) pronunciation, Bosh (slang) translation, English dictionary definition of Bosh (slang)

3. Your slang.

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6. Avoid slang.

7. Do not refer to people of other genders , sexual orientations , nationalities , ethnicities , races , handicaps , religions or other diversity in any slang terms , slurs , or other denigrating language .

8. Bladdered slang, slang Bladdered ,Bladdered definition ,Bladdered meaning ,Bladdered example ,Bladdered

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11. (Slang) damned, flaming, fucking (taboo slang), bleeding, blooming, freaking (slang, chiefly U.S.), rotten, blinking, confounded, ruddy, infernal, deuced, wretched, frigging (taboo slang) I just assumed they were Bloody idiot tourists.

12. The expression is derived from the slang use of the term "Crumpet" to refer to a woman who is regarded as an object of sexual desire.

13. Sexual Boundaries can be violated with unwanted sexual touch, pressure to engage in sexual acts, leering, or sexual comments

14. Slang), quirky, idiosyncratic, off-the-wall (slang), freaky (slang), outré, wacko or whacko (informal) Vegetarianism has shed its Cranky image.

15. 【Slang】 (= Babae) babwe : スラング

16. It's slang for " pregnant. "

17. Buckra is similar to these topics: Becky (slang), Whitey (slang), G-man and more

18. Sex education and sexual knowledge increases sexual activity.

19. Cadge verb scrounge, beg, bum (informal), blag (slang), mooch (slang), freeload (slang), sponge (informal) He asked if he could Cadge a ride from somebody

20. Cadge verb scrounge, beg, bum (informal), blag (slang), mooch (slang), freeload (slang), sponge (informal) He asked if he could Cadge a ride from somebody

21. Bahamian slang is intermingled with american english as well as british words and slang

22. Sexual Assault is also called sexual violence or abuse.

23. Sexual activity without Consent is rape or sexual assault.

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