sexually promiscuous man in English

man who engages in frequent and wanton sexual behavio

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1. Some have attempted suicide; others have abused drugs or been sexually promiscuous.

2. Those who are sexually promiscuous also face major health risks, both physical and mental.

3. In a secondary school in Nigeria, a sexually promiscuous girl used to advise her fellow students about sex.

4. (Galatians 6:7, 8) Thus, a promiscuous life-style may lead to emotional distress, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.

5. The man was lascivious, sexually perverted and insatiable.

6. Promiscuous men are rarely criticized as severely as promiscuous women.

7. A 46 year-old man who was sexually harassing Bolty…

8. They become promiscuous.

9. “Shame on any man or woman who would sexually abuse a child.

10. But it's just my promiscuous luck.

11. You know the risks of promiscuous sex.

12. Pack out really is worse than promiscuous.

13. The promiscuous princess quickly becomes a pawn.

14. Just as the word "stud" was first used for such a purpose and was later used for sexually promiscuous men or for others in reference to a man who was successful with women, the terms "Bulldyker" and "bulldagger" were also taken from their

15. Alec know that she was promiscuous and superficial.

16. 23 But man is, in general, sexually dimorphic in ways which do not resemble his ape cousins.

17. What, then, does promiscuous sexual intercourse really mean?

18. Don't mistakenly think that all art students are promiscuous.

19. I suppose I was quite promiscuous in my youth.

20. They will be promiscuous,* but they will not increase,+

21. 20 What, then, does promiscuous sexual intercourse really mean?

22. In this age of AIDS, promiscuous sex is unquestionably dangerous.

23. Just by definition, they're going to be promiscuous.

24. Sexually antagonistic epigenetic marks that Canalize sexually dimorphic development Mol Ecol

25. " Oh, I'm not promiscuous, I don't need to use a condom.