railer|railers in English



one who constructs a fence; one who lays railroad tracks

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1. Bophuthatswana Issie planterdom degreewise railers baronetship imp-pole danging auguring extg Ramage filchers bookkeepings Ankylopodia oxypycnos

2. "abusive, speaking evil," is translated "blasphemous," in Acts 6:11,13; "a Blasphemer," 1 Timothy 1:13; "railers," 2 Timothy 3:2, RV; "railing," 2 Peter 2:11.See RAIL.

3. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born just too late to participate in the ultra-cool Beatnik culture that flourished in his native New York in the early 1950s, Bob Wachtel Adolesced in philosophical solidarity with that great hipster poet and railer against authority, Bob Dylan