oppose in English

disapprove of and attempt to prevent, especially by argument.
those of you who oppose capital punishment

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1. “Oppose the Devil”

2. Appose or oppose Oppose means to face something or somebody else in disagreement

3. I strongly oppose that contention.

4. Oppose all vacillation and compromise.

5. Oppose your views against mine.

6. Counteractive: Tending to counteract or oppose

7. I would oppose changing the law.

8. Eighteen Republicans voted to oppose it.

9. We oppose segregation on religious grounds.

10. Why does Jehovah strongly oppose superstitions?

11. How can we oppose the Devil?

12. 14 I strongly oppose that contention.

13. We must oppose factionalismsectarianism and favouritism.

14. Governor, though some oppose your rule

15. “Oppose the Devil” as Jesus Did

16. Features (Accidencies) to oppose the denotation (extensional)

17. You must've known they would oppose it.

18. Some atheist groups also oppose the measure.

19. To Countervail is to oppose something successfully

20. Both faculty and students oppose the measures.

21. We oppose racism in all its forms.

22. We would vigorously oppose such a policy.

23. Many parents oppose bilingual education in schools.

24. Controvert definition, to argue against; dispute; deny; oppose

25. When things directly oppose each other, they're Antipodal

26. 15 We oppose racism in all its forms.

27. Insulators oppose electrical current and make poor Conductors

28. Contend against [sb] vi + prep: formal (oppose, esp

29. We oppose capital punishment in/under any circumstances.

30. Contrarious (Adjective) Tending to counter, oppose, resist, argue.

31. 14 Yes, some might ridicule or oppose you.

32. 5 No senior politician dares to oppose deployment.

33. A majority of the electorate oppose the law.

34. 'Nobody will oppose it.' 'I should think not!'

35. Nationalist parties united to oppose the government's plans.

36. What spiritual armor equips us to oppose the Devil?

37. No star system will dare oppose the emperor now.

38. The government called on the workers to oppose waste.

39. Most scientific, governmental and religious organizations oppose reproductive cloning.

40. Many animal welfare groups oppose padded steel-jawed traps.

41. Controvert definition is - to dispute or oppose by reasoning

42. Confront definition is - to face especially in challenge : oppose

43. • What spiritual armor enables us to oppose the Devil?

44. 15 We oppose capital punishment in/under any circumstances.

45. 1 . Majority of WPP shareholders oppose executive pay deal .

46. “Oppose the Devil, and He Will Flee From You”

47. Some oppose any restrictions on pornography or dangerous drugs.

48. He has been habilitated enough powers to oppose you.

49. The Republican candidate Ronald Reagan continued to oppose it.

50. Next came the talk “Oppose the Devil—Tolerate No Rivalry.”