negative in English

consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features.
The records of her transaction, and loan would have been available and in their absence I draw a negative inference.
a word or statement that expresses denial, disagreement, or refusal.
she replied in the negative
synonyms: “no”refusal rejection veto dissension contradiction denial thumbs-down
reject; refuse to accept; veto.
the bill was negatived by 130 votes to 129
no (usually used in a military context).
“Any snags, Captain?” “Negative, she's running like clockwork.”

Use "negative" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "negative" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "negative", or refer to the context using the word "negative" in the English Dictionary.

1. Negative 7 times 2 is negative 14, so I'll have a coefficient of negative 14.

2. Tattling is a negative word with negative connotations.

3. Negative search: Improvements to the accuracy of negative search.

4. Negative Dialectics,

5. Everything's negative.

6. Logarithms can't be negative, whereas Antilogarithms can have negative values

7. Anxieties are thoughts, tinged fear, negative feelings, and negative expectations

8. Counteract Negative Feelings

9. Baking, negative exact

10. A.N.A. was negative.

11. Test was negative.

12. Limit Negative Material.

13. An Averment that is negative in form is called a negative Averment

14. We know that a horizontal Asymptote as x approaches positive or negative infinity is at negative one, y equals negative one

15. A Clipper circuit that removes the negative half cycle is called negative Clipper

16. P6 Elevation – P2 Elevation = Positive or Negative Value Positive = Backwatered Negative = Not Backwatered

17. So this is all in terms of negative motivation, or eliminating negative motivation.

18. Your negative are bad.

19. Negative damage reported, Captain.

20. Initiating negative pressure test.

21. Let's check the negative.

22. It's my negative pole.

23. Are Coagulase-negative organisms

24. Negative helm control, Captain.

25. Epidermidis) are Coagulase negative.

26. Another negative pressure test.

27. the OIEELISANSS diluted 1/10 in negative milk must always give a negative reaction;

28. (b) the OIEELISANSS diluted 1/10 in negative milk must always give a negative reaction;

29. But then for negative values, the absolute value of x is equal to negative x.

30. For the problem the negative gate drive adopted , but thethe general negative charge pump circuit.

31. (b) the OIEELISANSS diluted 1/10 in negative milk should always give a negative reaction;

32. What are Coagulase-negative staphylococci?

33. LP was negative for encephalitis.

34. Negative on parvovirus B-19.

35. Well, we learned from the negative exponent module that that is equal to negative two.

36. Always with the negative waves!

37. Congestionner - Imperative (Commands) Positive Negative

38. Negative for Coxsackie " B " virus.

39. Negative thought energies Nutritional deficiency

40. You can't upload negative values.

41. that's a negative, ice veins.

42. The adrenomyeloneuropathy test was negative.

43. This is an exact negative.

44. And the negative exemplar shows stronger effect on the positive target than on the negative one.

45. What inequality do we need here then, in between the negative 1 and the negative 2?

46. Sort of a double negative.

47. She's negative for myelomatous meningitis.

48. ANA for lupus, also negative.

49. And PCH antigen is negative.

50. The tests came back negative!