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1. The critic should make Amends by printing a retraction.

2. A retraction material (12) promoting both retraction and drying of the gingival (28) sulcus around a tooth (26).

3. Perhaps the brothers had waited in vain for me to make some retraction.

4. Backdown - a retraction of a previously held position climb-down, withdrawal abjuration, recantation, retraction - a disavowal or taking back of a

5. Request a retraction from the claimant

6. The newspaper published a retraction of the erroneous report.

7. Crisis never acknowledged my letter or printed a retraction.

8. The newspaper printed a retraction for their previous error.

9. His retraction predicates a change of attitude.

10. Alar retraction is difficult to assess

11. But China will want a retraction than this.

12. They've prepared this little letter, a sort of retraction.

13. Dental set and sulcus retraction method

14. There were complaints - and a retraction was published the following week.

15. A few hours later, Bloomberg pulled the obit and issued a brief retraction.

16. The statement was issued after Miss Pollard refused to publish a retraction.

17. He demanded a full retraction of the allegations against him.

18. The newspaper was forced to publish a retraction of its allegations.

19. A mammary duct ectasia is both consequence of and reason for a nipple retraction.

20. Sulcus coronarius can be completely revealed by retraction.

21. The 204 had blue ink and a retraction button on the end.

22. If I don't get a retraction, I am going to take legal action.

23. Under threat of a libel action, the newspaper settled out of court, publishing a retraction.

24. Abjuration: 1 n a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion Synonyms: recantation , retraction Types: backdown , climb-down , withdrawal a retraction of a previously held position Type of: disavowal , disclaimer denial of any connection with or knowledge of

25. Actin cytoskeletal reorganization occurs during cell membrane protrusion and retraction