make a smart job of it in English

do a good job at it, produce good work in it

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1. It might make me smart.

2. Laura landed a plum job with a smart art gallery.

3. She's bought a very smart trouser suit for her job interviews.

4. You look really smart today, Chris. Have you got a job interview?

5. My advice is to ride it out, make an occasional smart - aleck quip.

6. These modules may make good use of smart materials.

7. Be conscientious and make a good job of publishing.

8. Smart campaigns are designed to make advertising your business a snap.

9. Chinos are a wardrobe essential, and make easy work of smart-casual dress codes

10. Does it make a difference from where staff are supplied if they do a good job?

11. I'll make no bones about it-I don't think you did a good job of painting my house.

12. Charitably Speaking helps you make smart decisions about charity

13. Make the Best of to cope as well as possible in the unfavourable circumstances of (often in the phrases make the Best of a bad job, make the Best of it) 22

14. Yet when it comes to job interviewing, salary questions make most people squirm.

15. It is difficult to hoodwink a smart lawyer.

16. Make the best of a bad business (or job or bargain). 

17. You've made a good job of it.

18. Make the most of your home with our smart Cupboard and cabinet solutions

19. You've done a good job of it.

20. It was a real sod of a job.

21. We should make an objective appraisal of his job.

22. Konrad Krajewski is the Vatican Almoner, a centuries-old job of handing out alms -- and Francis has ramped up the job to make it a hands-on extension of his own personal charity.

23. Smart homeowners want to build equity , not make payments in perpetuity .

24. Is it a rewarding job?

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