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single beam of wood or steel that runs the length of a boat's bottom (Nautical); boat, ship (Archaic); keelboat, flat-bottomed boat (British); red stain used for marking sheep

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1. Other articles where Bilge keel is discussed: ship: Ship motions in response to the sea: …ships are fitted with “Bilge keels” in an attempt to dampen roll

2. Fin keel.

3. Carinate (comparative more Carinate, superlative most Carinate) Keel-shaped, as in a boat's keel

4. - Bilgeway - gangway - keel - frame

5. Carinate definition: having a keel or ridge ; shaped like a keel Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

6. MI6 has no mole at Byzantium, Mr Keel.

7. The yacht's keel is bolted to the hull.

8. 17 The yacht's keel is bolted to the hull.

9. Ahvenamaa (soome keeles Ahvenanmaa, rootsi keeles Åland) on omavalitsuslik Soome maakond Läänemeres.Maakonna elanikkond on rootsikeelne ja ainus ametlik keel on rootsi keel.

10. Abeam: At right angles to the keel of a ship

11. BB Barbettes are armored all the way down to the keel

12. The Broadbill is the only species of billfish with a single pair of these keels

13. Carina definition is - a keel-shaped anatomical part, ridge, or process.

14. It had neither bow nor stern, keel nor rudder —no curves.

15. Carinate: Shaped like or having a carina or keel; ridged

16. Bilge keels are effective in reducing roll, but they are much less effective than other measures.…

17. Something, such as the keel of a ship, that resembles a Backbone

18. Careen (v.) 1590s, "to turn a ship on its side" (with the keel exposed, for inspection, repairs, etc.), from French cariner, literally "to expose a ship's keel," from French carene "keel" (16c.), from Italian (Genoese dialect) carena, from Latin carina "keel of a ship," also (and perhaps originally) "nutshell," possibly from PIE root *kar-"hard."

19. The part of a ship at which the prow joins the keel.

20. The USS Cusk is born as the keel is laid 25 May 1944

21. Carinate definition is - having or shaped like a keel or carina

22. Carinate definition is - having or shaped like a keel or carina.

23. Paul Ariste meelisuurimisobjekt oli vadja keel, samuti vadjalaste rahvaluule ja etnograafia.

24. 20 Keel-hauling, walking the plank,[] that sort of thing.

25. For instance, modern flying birds have Breastbones with keels, extensions where powerful breast muscles can anchor and drive the birds’ downward flight stroke.