humongous|humungous in English


(Informal) huge, very large; extremely large (in size or amount)

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1. They have a humongous dog.

2. What do you mean by humongous?

3. This minor glitch has turned into a humungous problem for the airline.

4. Let's take the moderately humongous million, for starters.

5. We had a humongous row just because she left.

6. We had a humongous row just before she left.

7. And these guys paint humongous paintings, and they look really good.

8. So you don't think I'm making a humongous mistake?

9. Humongous sinkholes and landslides have developed along this line.

10. He loves humongous baked potatoes piled high with sour cream.

11. I just can give you a rough description , You know, Canada is humongous.

12. The cars beside the feet of this humongous tyrannosaurus look like small beetles.

13. This is a humongous computation that was not possible; with computers, it becomes more feasible.

14. The whole thing created a lot of stress and tension, moving this humongous thing around the country.

15. An active galaxy is a star system with a humongous black hole at its centre.

16. Tuar is overrun by scores of humungous insects, including green mottled arathas, eight-winged Aspises, spotted pernicons, and throngs of swarming horax

17. He also needs to be very mindful of line - of sighting his healers: humongous no - no.

18. Incidentally, the only thing that would scare us more than driving next to Axl Foley's humongous noggin on the highway is being forced to see the movie.

19. Baby black holes are puny compared with their humongous cousins at the centres of galaxies, but their birth may spew out the universe's mightiest particles.

20. After years of cracking and crumbling, a humongous iceberg finally broke away from Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf last month and began drifting out to sea

21. According to legend, the Cyclops was a terrifying giant with a single humongous eyeball, enormous strength and an appetite for the raw flesh of living prey - including humans

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23. This sprawling complex is composed of an opulent collection of architectural and archaeological marvels: gigantic brick towers, crumbling temples, humongous dagobas and archaic pools that were all constructed during the rule of Anuradhapura which went on for several thousand years.

24. Topped off with a delectable lauki ka halwa and a humongous gulab jamun, the meal was indeed Burpingly fantastic! Thanks Gourmet WeekOn the minus side (can be overlooked though as the food was great), the service was a bit disjointed and not coordinated efficiently, the service of kababs and the breads did not sync.

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