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animal or being which resembles a huma

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1. Humanoids IEEE - RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots.

2. The humanoids would never attack them.

3. A humanoid shape.

4. Backlot: Humanoids from the Deep: Interview with Roger Corman

5. The Anurans were a race of frog-like humanoids

6. Artifices mostly resemble gargantuan humanoid mechs.

7. Bront is an artificially evolved humanoid dinosaur

8. While Atlas doing Backflips is full-tilt insane, humanoids still struggle

9. Cursts were humanoids with deathly white skin and deep black eyes

10. Humanoid beings exist in higher dimensions.

11. The Ousters eon - long mutated humanoids bent on overthrowing the Hegemony.

12. Humanoid Skills: A Bugbear's humanoid Hit Dice grant him skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) x6.

13. The Albinos are the normal or disfigured humanoids found throughout the game

14. Boggles are humanoid creatures covered in brown fur

15. The body was humanoid but what was the brain?

16. The Amazonians are a race of gigantic, cavewomen like humanoids from the Planet Amazonia

17. The Axons are a race of semi-humanoid beings

18. The Crocodilians are humanoid crocodiles that lurk in swamplands

19. A transparent humanoid figure hovered a few feet away.

20. Canids are a sapient species of canine humanoids and the male counterparts of the Felinids

21. Bulker is a large muscular humanoid Pokémon

22. Xindi Arboreals were one of the more Humanoid of the Xindi

23. Synonyms for Anthropoids include primates, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, humanoids, orangs, apes and baboons

24. The Creeps are a race of humanoid lizard-like creatures

25. Cynic has released a digital single titled "Humanoid"