derogate in English

disparage (someone or something).
it is typical of Pirandello to derogate the powers of reason
detract from.
this does not derogate from his duty to act honestly and faithfully
deviate from (a set of rules or agreed form of behavior).
one country has derogated from the Rome Convention
synonyms: deviate fromdiverge fromdepart fromdigress fromstray fromdiffer fromvary fromconflict withbe incompatible with

Use "derogate" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "derogate" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "derogate", or refer to the context using the word "derogate" in the English Dictionary.

1. Don't derogate from our principle!

2. Such behavior will derogate from your image.

3. Such conduct will derogate from your reputation.

4. Such a habit may derogate from your reputation.

5. Such shameful behaviour will certainly derogate from his fame.

6. An error that will derogate from your reputation.

7. Statutes are not to be presumed to derogate from international law.

8. Such shameful behaviour will certainly derogate from his fame ( or reputation ).

9. The parties may not derogate from or vary the effect of this article.

10. In fact, use a network to derogate, bespatter competitor, had emerged in endlessly.

11. The law does not allow a man to derogate from his grant.

12. The King felt that summoning a parliament would derogate from his authority.

13. The king felt that summoning a parliament would derogate from his authority.

14. Parties cannot exclude the application of this rule or derogate from or vary its effects.

15. I am here not derogate the England players, but you know they've been always overrated.

16. Parker J: The plaintiffs ... relied on the maxim that no one can be allowed to derogate from his own grant.

17. There is a long-standing presumption that Acts of Parliament are not intended to derogate from the requirements of international law.

18. In this respect, please describe steps taken to ensure that interrogation rules, instructions or methods do not derogate from the principle of absolute prohibition of torture.

19. In relations between a trader and a consumer the parties may not, to the detriment of the consumer, exclude the application of this Article or derogate from or vary its effects.

20. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary" The Baron resumed his favourite topic — ‘However it may please you to derogate from the honour of your Burgonet, Colonel Talbot, which is doubtless your

21. The suggestion has been made that contracts of affreightment and volume contracts should be subject to the draft instrument as a default rule, but that the parties to these contracts should have the freedom to derogate from the terms of the draft instrument

22. Chaffs lardon gas alarm, warning access code make do macrohardheid transportar (tonalidade) verification of the existence and authenticity of documents to give an inkling of metaalglansverf Italic grief niettemin certero derogate (adj.) eldoni country person, of shepherds, of the countryside, pastoral poem, pastoral poem; writer of pastoral

23. As it became clear that the Biocidal Products Review programme was having negative effects on substances that were not really intended to be controlled by this legislation (eg foodstuffs such as jam used as attractants in wasp traps), the EU Commission proposed to derogate such foodstuffs from the requirements of the review programme with the aim to eventually amend the Directive itself to

24. The Islamic Republic of Iran is disappointed by the overall approach of the United States because, by promoting a self-centred, unilateral and naïve policy, which focuses only on the threat or use of force against what the United States has arrogated to itself to call terrorism, and leaving the self-evident global realities as well as the root causes of terrorism to the abyss, it tends to derogate from the cherished global momentum against this global menace.