abuse in English

the improper use of something.
alcohol abuse
cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.
a black eye and other signs of physical abuse
use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.
the judge abused his power by imposing the fines

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1. Abuser translate: to overuse, to take advantage of, to sexually abuse, abuse, abuse

2. Abuse of Power

3. Abuse of process

4. Childhood Sexual Abuse".

5. Abuse of power?

6. Bruising can be a sign of physical abuse of a child (child abuse)

7. “Article [] “Abuse of power

8. Abuse of dominant position

9. The Results of Abuse

10. - avoid abuse of power,

11. Consumer Complaint - paper version ; Child Support ; Elder Abuse/Fraud ; Medicaid Fraud and Patient Abuse

12. April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

13. 6 Abuse it,(www.Sentencedict.com) and the coat will metamorphose itself to thrive on the abuse.

14. Abuse of a dominant position

15. Abuse of a Dominant Position

16. The alleged abuse of process

17. Does he abuse alcoholic beverages?

18. Medical Treatment of Barbiturate Abuse The treatment of Barbiturate abuse or overdose is generally supportive

19. Child abuse report line (Carl) To report a suspected case of child abuse or neglect call the child abuse report line (Carl): 13 14 78

20. Arkose Labs - A fraud and abuse service for protecting against bots and other automated abuse

21. Bikers Against Child Abuse, Inc

22. Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselors Forms

23. (c) Abuse of dominant position

24. Preventing non-taxation and abuse

25. Proportionality and abuse of process

26. Squints reported signs of abuse.

27. a purgatory of drug abuse.

28. You can't abuse your power.

29. That's called abuse of right.

30. Abuse of power; and/or

31. Abuse of power by supermarkets

32. Sexual Abuse Intervention Program To reduce traumatic symptoms of sexual abuse, abandonment, grief, loss, family violence.

33. And while the sexual abuse of children gets worse, other kinds of abuse are not lagging behind.

34. What does Adad stand for in Substance Abuse? Get the top Adad abbreviation related to Substance Abuse.

35. (c) Abuse of the dominant position

36. Bullyrag, to abuse or scold vehemently; to swindle one out of money by intimidation and sheer abuse

37. Education regarding addictive substances, in particular alcohol, prevention of alcohol abuse and the consequences of alcohol abuse

38. Abuse of the collective dominant position

39. Implementation of prohibitions against market abuse

40. Such abuse of power is worldwide.

41. 3.4 Abuse of a dominant position

42. What an abuse of judicial power!

43. ● Mistreatment (including physical or sexual abuse)

44. ConclusionDissociative has strong correlation with children abuse, especially with feeling ignorance, feeling maltreat and sex abuse in youths.

45. Preventing non-taxation and abuse 6

46. This is called paleontological child abuse.

47. Sexual abuse is a daunting issue.

48. Breaking the Chains of Alcohol Abuse

49. Other cities routinely reported police abuse.

50. Drug abuse among children (absolute numbers)