Use "decent" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "decent" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "decent", or refer to the context using the word "decent" in the English Dictionary.

1. Everybody decent?

2. He made a decent record.

3. He earns a decent living.

4. The pub looked decent enough.

5. Attingency Mighty decent of them

6. The hospital has no decent equipment.

7. He hits a decent tee shot.

8. Their Bialys are only decent, though

9. They are fair and decent employers.

10. Only the efforts of two half-decent people can give her a decent environment to grow up.

11. Who wants to be decent?

12. It wouldn't be decent, dearie.

13. You're good and kind... and decent.

14. Cashpoint is a decent online sportsbook

15. Somewhere decent at an affordable price.

16. That was quite a decent lunch.

17. Don't you have a decent jacket?

18. He can have a decent burial.

19. She led a chaste, decent life.

20. He's a decent sort of chap.

21. It is not decent to do so.

22. Finally I got some decent shut-eye.

23. Aachen has a pretty decent Christmas market

24. I'll make you decent in a trice.

25. I need a decent night's sleep.

26. Caramba is a decent Mexican food restaurant

27. A programmer earns a pretty decent living.

28. Those tight trousers of yours aren't very decent!

29. 4 Mindless gentry - with a single decent exception.

30. He is an educated, Amiable and decent man

31. Goes like a racer, strong, decent, very fine.

32. Nearby is a village with a decent pub.

33. 21 Mindless gentry - with a single decent exception.

34. You had plain, decent, everyday common rightness

35. Nice place, decent furniture, good quality carpets.

36. I can't even afford a decent headstone.

37. The sound system was kind of decent.

38. Funny Farily Decent Brony T-Shirt T-Shirt

39. With no decent phone signal, Communication is difficult.

40. He took for a decent piece of trickery.

41. They're trying to show clean, wholesome, decent movies.

42. They didn't even dig him a decent grave.

43. I haven't had a decent holiday for years.

44. He dreams of living in a decent life.

45. To make a decent pretence that she cared?

46. “Many people cannot afford a decent place to live.

47. I can't go to the door-I'm not decent.

48. We got fireworks, decent exposure, probable drugs, definite drugs

49. The group had cobbled together a few decent songs.

50. We want to give him a decent Christian burial.