coveted in English

yearn to possess or have (something).
the president-elect covets time for exercise and fishing
synonyms: desire yearn for crave have one's heart set on want wish for long for hanker after/forhunger after/forthirst for

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1. Coveted synonyms, Coveted pronunciation, Coveted translation, English dictionary definition of Coveted

2. Coveted synonyms, Coveted pronunciation, Coveted translation, English dictionary definition of Coveted

3. Coveted (comparative more Coveted, superlative most Coveted)

4. What is the opposite of Coveted? Antonyms for Coveted (opposite of Coveted).

5. What is the definition of Coveted? What is the meaning of Coveted? How do you use Coveted in a sentence? What are synonyms for Coveted?

6. Two sides prepared to join battle over the Coveted title of world's tallest of sport's most Coveted trophies.a supply of highly-Coveted hard currency.

7. Coveted Magazine's 18th Issue INSPIRATIONS

8. Coveted certainly brings the drama

9. The most coveted prize is empties.

10. Coveted meaning: strongly desired by many:

11. Boorstin Her clothing has that Coveted

12. Synonyms for Coveted in Free Thesaurus

13. The Most Coveted And Exquisite Lighting Collection

14. Ther other boys coveted his new bat.

15. These old stamps are eagerly coveted by collectors.

16. Use "Coveted" in a sentence

17. What does Coveted mean? Highly sought-after

18. He won the prize they all coveted.

19. The part that coveted love kicked into gear.

20. Coveted - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

21. Definition of Coveted : earnestly wished for or sought after a Coveted prize/honor The Nobel prizes, the most Coveted of international awards, offer celebrity and money to the winners of the priority race in the sciences

22. 3 synonyms for Coveted: desired, in demand, sought after

23. I met half a dozen men who coveted Barbara.

24. The coveted ingredient is discreetly kept in the garage.

25. The Coveted is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

26. Shop the most Coveted designs Collection at 1stDibs

27. Every spare room became a coveted rental unit.

28. 1 These old stamps are eagerly coveted by collectors.

29. They are this year's winners of the coveted trophy .

30. Tales include a Coveted prequel, previously released tales, as

31. The Federals held the position nearer the coveted town.

32. Ascendant Shards are Destiny 2's most coveted currency

33. She always coveted power but never quite achieved it.

34. Miss Congeniality is a coveted title at a beauty pageant

35. He has coveted this treasure chest for a long time.

36. Coveted Pennsylvania OL Ryan Brubaker Sets Official Visit With Tennessee

37. Coveted Series 3 primary works • 7 total works Shawntelle Madison has another series in the Coveted universe featuring witches and warlocks, the Warlock Repo Man Chronicles More

38. I started Coveted Claws with the thought of you in mind

39. British cinema has been flying high recently, winning several coveted awards.

40. The most coveted commodities in the top 10 are pass rushers.

41. Coveted definition, wrongfully or inordinately desired:Pizarro led a party of conquistadores in an attempt to discover El Dorado—the source of the Coveted gold of the Incas

42. She was the first woman to win this coveted prize.

43. The Michelin Awards are coveted by restaurants all over the world.

44. Autorotation is a coveted skill that every aspiring helicopter pilot must have

45. He had long coveted the chance to work with a famous musician.

46. In the process he defeated the Elamites, who had themselves coveted Babylon.

47. The coveted contract helps strengthen arguments proposing Tuxedo as a defacto standard.

48. Cellulose gives wood many of its coveted qualities as a building material.

49. She coveted his job so openly that conversations between them were tense.

50. The twist on the Nineties shoulder Bag is the most coveted to try.