couloir|couloirs in English


[cou·loir || 'kuːlwɑː]

deep valley in the mountainside, ravine (from French)

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1. As if the Twin Couloirs weren't enough, Temple Couloir is an even bigger and prettier couloir.

2. Couloirs translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'couloir aérien',couloir de bus',couloir de navigation',coloris', examples, definition, conjugation

3. When viewed from the east, the Mount Olympus Couloir is on the leftward fringe of the Memorial Couloirs.

4. Couloirs synonyms, Couloirs pronunciation, Couloirs translation, English dictionary definition of Couloirs

5. The Couloirs get progressively longer, from approximately 40 to 100 meters, before a final leftwards traverse leads to a mellower lower angled gullies wich feed back into the apron below the couloir

6. Dragontail Peak/Triple Couloirs

7. Le Couloirs du temps - Les Visiteurs II

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9. Routes in Mt. Evans - mixed, Couloirs

10. The Couloirs range from relatively easy to extreme

11. Couloirs, which are only a few hundred feet apart

12. The Twin Couloirs are the most famous line off of Deseret, for they are visually stunning Couloirs separated by a huge rock fin above 10,000 feet

13. Backcountry Skiing the Pfeifferhorn Couloirs in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah

14. The Sella Group, the Kingdom of Couloirs by Francesco Tremolada

15. Access could not be better – the highway serves all these Couloirs

16. Ski Mountaineering Skills with Andrew McLean – Couloirs from Backcountry Magazine on Vimeo.

17. Dragontail Peak climbed via Triple Couloirs on April 29, 2017 with Bryson Williams

18. The Bulkish Yaz Glacier and climbed the couloir left of the peak to reach its south col at 5,500m

19. Hike over to the base of the Couloirs and begin your climb - 12

20. A cascade class route that climbs three Couloirs up the north face of Dragontail Peak.

21. Climb up to the exit col, and take laps on each of the three Couloirs

22. 15 synonyms of Couloirs from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms

23. Couloirs: a narrow opening between hillsides or mountains that can be used for passage.

24. Information and translations of Couloirs in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

25. The Twin Couloirs face northeast, so they hold snow well into late spring and early summer