construction in English

the building of something, typically a large structure.
there was a skyscraper under construction

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1. Aerial heavy-lift building construction, powerline construction, pipeline construction, infrastructure construction and electrical transmission tower construction services

2. Aerial crane services performed via helicopter for building construction, powerline construction, pipeline construction, infrastructure construction and electrical transmission tower construction purposes

3. Building construction for conduit and pipe construction

4. Building work, construction, boreholes, engineering and construction of industrial buildings, construction of storage wells

5. Augere Construction principals and construction team have managed more than $1 billion in construction projects

6. Anchormen Construction offers a variety of construction solutions

7. Verb Benefactive construction, and a serial verb Benefactive construction

8. Accrete Construction provides commercial construction services in Western Washington

9. During construction, only one construction-related death was reported.

10. Insulating oils, paints and varnish, insulators for construction, water proofing preparations for construction, sealants for construction

11. • description of the construction phase and anticipated construction schedule, including pre-construction logistics, requirements for access, staging

12. Construction phase

13. Welding construction

14. Barmyl Construction has the activity of Construction,Construction Materials, And is located at 381 Main Road - Sedgefield

15. In the highway construction, urbanized construction machinery definitely is advance.

16. Construction Litigation Handbook (Construction Law Series.) [Acret, James] on

17. Accend Construction LLC brings you a new way to experience construction

18. Baldpates Construction Group specializes in residential, commercial and development construction services

19. Aircraft factory construction

20. Bricklayer CONSTRUCTION Description

21. Other construction requirements

22. Binder for construction

23. Fletcher Construction from New Zealand was the lead joint venture partner in the initial stages of pre-construction and construction.

24. INTRODUCTION Artel Construction

25. Construction above ground


27. ◦ the construction phase consists of the actual construction of the capital project.

28. Employment of construction managers is sensitive to the short-term nature of many construction projects and cyclical fluctuations in construction activity.

29. Balton Construction provides high quality expertise General Contracting, Construction Management services and Design / Build Construction to Commercial, Residential, Religious and Historical Clients

30. Provided to YouTube by Construction Of InsanityAbubble · Construction Of InsanityPromises Of My Family℗ 2021 Construction Of InsanityReleased on: 2021-07-29A

31. All the aforesaid services in relation to business organisation in the field of building construction, in particular steel construction and plant construction

32. Augere Construction Company is a multi-million dollar general construction / construction management firm, characterized by timeliness, responsiveness, competitive pricing and an overall professional

33. Adroit Construction is an integrated team of individuals providing high value construction services

34. Construction is expected to begin in 2014, with a 32-month construction timeframe.

35. Construction of Bhagalpur Bypass

36. ‪Circuit Construction Kit: DC‬

37. Timothy Allen Bridler Construction

38. Abbotts' Construction Services, Inc

39. Cheapness in Portfolio Construction

40. Get Awald Construction reviews, …

41. — construction of airfield runways,

42. International Kingdom Hall Construction

43. Artesian well construction & repair: This article describes the construction of Artesian water wells

44. Brick and Stone Mason Cement (concrete ) Finisher Construction Boilermaker Construction Craft Worker Construction Millwright Drywall Finisher and Plasterer Drywall, Acoustic and Lathing Applicator Electrician:

45. Border Construction Specialties has been a leader in the Southwest construction industry since 1955

46. Be strict with construction management and prohibit those construction projects that exceed their budgets.

47. Construction of Acetylene Cylinder

48. Construction of sports grounds

49. December 2009 – Construction commences.

50. Commence Construction Under PSD