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biochemical oxygen demand.
a body or physique.
shake your bod

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1. Bod: Bunkers on Delivery (shipping) Bod: Barrels of Oil per Day: Bod: Business of Dentistry Magazine (UK) Bod: Bid Opening Date: Bod: Bottled on Date: Bod: Business Office Director: Bod: Born on Date (Budweiser freshness date) Bod: Buy on Dips: Bod: Business Operating Division: Bod: Bill of Distributions (supply chain management) Bod: Backup on

2. Bodø Antirustsenter, Bodø, Norway

3. Bod definition: A Bod is a person

4. Bod: Brothers of Destruction (professional wrestling team; World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) Bod: Basis of Design (document) Bod: Better Off Dead: Bod

5. Carbonaceous BOD is a subset of BOD

6. He's a clever bod.

7. He has a gorgeous bod!

8. For Bod we have found 167 definitions.; What does Bod mean? We know 167 definitions for Bod abbreviation or acronym in 8 categories

9. He's an odd bod.

10. Bod definition, Body: You've got to have a great Bod to look good in that bathing suit

11. What does Bod stand for in Finance? Get the top Bod abbreviation related to Finance.

12. Bienvenido a la Banca Digital Bod

13. Finance Bod abbreviation meaning defined here

14. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Water

15. Bod definition is - fellow, guy

16. He's got a great bod.

17. She's got a lovely bod.

18. She's a bit of an odd bod .

19. Broidering researched, pending BOD approv-al

20. That guy has a great bod!

21. (Bod) data set for three different water samples

22. Improvement of analysis method of dilution ratio on BOD.

23. He's a bit of an odd bod but very pleasant.

24. He was definitely a bit of an odd bod.

25. The biological oxygen demand (Bod) is also called biochemical oxygen demand

26. It provides BOD removal levels of 25 to 30 percent.

27. Ascendent - Descendent Ascendent je východní bod horoskopu

28. Physical: Benzaldehyde has a BOD: 50%, 10 days; 150%, 5 days

29. Bod is a curious little boy who lives in a small town

30. Bioxide may provide some in-line BOD reduction in the collection system

31. Biological Oxygen Demand (Bod) Bod is defined as the amount of oxygen demanded by the micro-organisms in the sewage for the decomposition of bio-degradable matter under aerobic condition

32. The quality of dilution water, which if contaminated leads to incorrect BOD values.

33. “Bod encourages one to work outside their comfort zone allowing them to explore themselves

34. Bod Incubator also known as Biological Oxygen Demand incubator.In microbiology laboratories, it is broadly used for cell culture and fungal growth, Bod test, fermentation, crop and physiology, and various pharmaceutical tests etc.

35. Hightower Names Lisa Dolly, Darrell Horn To BOD Chaired By CEO Bob Oros

36. In a sample containing high concentrations of Bod, the sample should be diluted

37. The Bod is a pollution parameter mainly to asses the quality of effluent or wastewater

38. Bodø Antirustsenter og bilpleie utfører proff understellsbehandling med Mercasol og legger keramisk

39. • Since Bod is a biochemical process, it is not an accurate quantitative test.

40. Of course, none of that would matter if he had a crap bod.

41. Mae angen i ni i gyd helpu i gadw Caerdydd yn ddiogel ac, nawr bod Cymru ar lefel rhybudd 4, mae’n bwysig nad ydych chi’n ymweld â’r ddinas oni bai ei bod yn hanfodol

42. The other curve shown in Fig 5 corresponds to the biochemical oxygen demand ( BOD ).

43. Typically, Bod is measured in mg/L or in percent saturation rather than mol/L

44. The treatment parameters in municipal wastewater plant include COD, BOD SS, N and P etc.

45. Bod Man Body Spray Pack of 3 Styles, Black - Most Wanted - Really Ripped Abs

46. Okay, but, uh, I will tell you she's got a killer bod, pun intended.

47. Biochemical oxygen demand ( BOD ) is one of the most important indexes in water monitoring.

48. (Bod 652) 314: Þou ssalt habbe raþer seue ʒer Blisse of alle gode.

49. Meanwhile, the CX600 provides the Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) service for enterprise users and DHCP users.

50. Five-Day Biochemical Oxygen Demand (11/2003) USGS TWRI Book 9–A7 (Third Edition) + + + 6—Bod 7.0.1 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Table 7.0-1 lists equipment and supplies commonly used in the Bod 5 test using amperometric determination of DO.