bode in English

be an omen of a particular outcome.
their argument did not bode well for the future
remain or stay somewhere.
how long must I bide here to wait for the answer?

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1. Bode - Boda is messenger in Germanic, hence "Bode"; at first, a Bode was a command—then an omen or premonition

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3. Weapon bode [breed] peace.

4. These recently published figures bode ill/do not bode well for the company's future.

5. These signs bode bad news.

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9. These events bode well for us.

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11. Variable bode equalizer with reversible reactance elements

12. Those numbers bode well for the Raiders.

13. 3 These events bode well for us.

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15. Bode Burgeoning New York designer Emily Bode swiftly earned acclaim for her namesake label Bode (pronounced Boh-dee) by venturesomely fashioning a myriad of antiquated, one-of-a-kind textiles into classic workwear silhouettes.

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17. Bode (plural Bodes) An omen; a foreshadowing

18. Bode is an alternative form of Bided

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20. Danish: habitational name from a place named Bode.

21. Bode produces one of a kind, handcrafted clothing

22. His idle habits bode ill for his future.

23. That would not bode well for public access.

24. Her good habits bode well for her future.

25. As verbs the difference between bode and Bided is that bode is to indicate by signs, as future events; to be the omen of; to portend; to presage; to foreshow or bode can be (bide) while Bided is (bide)

26. Bode: to show signs of a favorable or successful outcome.

27. These figures do not bode well for the company's future.

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29. The opinion polls do not bode well for the Democrats.

30. The Bode diagram is a log-log plot of the

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33. Bode Diagrams of Transfer Functions and Impedances ECEN 2260 Supplementary Notes R

34. A Bode was a medieval official with a variety of different functions

35. It is usually a combination of a Bode magnitude plot, expressing the magnitude (usually in decibels) of the frequency response, and a Bode phase plot, expressing the phase shift.

36. 23 synonyms for Adumbrate: augur, bode, forecast, forerun, foreshadow, foretell, foretoken, portend

37. The bad trading figures do not bode well for the company's future.

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43. The results of the opinion poll do not bode well for the Democrats.

44. Bid·ed or bode (bōd), bid·ed, bid·ing, Bides v.intr

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46. / boʊd / to be a sign of something that will happen in the future, usually something very good or bad: These recently published figures Bode ill /do not Bode well for the company's future

47. Joget dangdut lucu mang Bode muara family, lagu kembang Boled acara hiburan dangdut hajatan.

48. The lull the wind threatens storm and the lowering cloudsthe west bode no good.

49. I'm telling you that someone killed Rebecca and made it look like it was Bode.

50. Bid·ed or bode (bōd), bid·ed, bid·ing, Bides v.intr